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I used to work there for 2 years in two different stores, mostly my co-workers don’t care about the customer they are rude to customer no matter what, only to their own friends give the extra mile and if you order a part they will never call you to pick it up ( of course its not their car that is broken ) it’s a shame to have these types of employees working with customers. Plus all the working hours is for the gray shirt employee the red shirt are only to cover any hole left. Definitely I HATE AUTO ZONE, can’t wait to see they disappear out of business

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Sales Representative.

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Too bad you didn't grow this conscious 2 years ago my weak minded friend. If it was so terrible to the public, you're pathetic for staying there. Tell us about it, why were you let go?


this may affect the way people see autozone! mainly customers thinking autozone should appease everytime a customer is rude regardless.

this isn't so, employees are very human and if customers treated them as themselves they would believe employees are capable of this as well. love thy neighbor as thyself this is the very reason this happens because customers treat autozone badly and expect that they should provide outstanding performance when they get insulted and lied to.

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