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Bought the first engine was knocking, took almost a year for partial reimbursement...engine went to L.A. first before going back to Texas where they would decide wether to give me a partial costs back. 2nd engine knocking lifters..they won’t pay the mechanic I have to pay and they will decide wether to reimburse me anything...this are Surefire engines..far from that...sure to give problems more aligned with their quality and tactics.

Do not buy this engine if you do not want to spend a long time dealing with mechanic,, Surefire company and grief

Surefire you will loose in the from a local company for a bit more

Product or Service Mentioned: Surefire Engines Engine.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $1700.

Preferred solution: Pay my mechanic for necessary repairs.

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Yup, that company (Surefire) has not been providing decent, reliable engines for quite a few months. Quality control is terrible and while the warranty is pretty specific, good luck trying to get some satisfaction if something goes south.

You also have to remember, that are fine print in the warranty documentation. No engine manufacturer in their right mind will warranty replace an engine that was not properly installed, especially by amateur mechanics. Most consumers don't understand the procedures required to make sure an engine works out of the crate. For one, many consumers don't understand that there is a break-in period for practically every engine.

The exceptions are those from high end manufacturers who break-in the engines prior to shipping.

This process is exhaustive and causes the price of the engine to prohibitive to many consumers. So if you buy an engine that has never been rotated faster than 5 RPM, then you, as a consumer, have a lot of responsibility in ensuring that the engine does not explode.

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