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i went to AUTO ZONE AUTO PARTS to buy a bypass hose and the guy that helped me said that auto zone don't carry that kind of hose. so, i told him if he could find me something similar to the one i had and he said "yeah", no problem.

i'll find you something like this. but , i told him make sure it has the same diameter he said, yeah sure. so, he showed me one. and, he said this one should fit.

and i said are u sure ? he said yeah. i took his word cause they suppose to know everything that is in that store, that's why i ended up buying a $12.00 hose and when i installed it antifreeze kept leaking from the new hose and it was pretty tight on both ends.. it didn't have the right diameter.

he missed the diameter size by a hair thats why it kept leaking. i went back to AUTO ZONE AUTO PARTS and i explained everthing hoping i could get my money back and i asked to talk to the manager and they told me that she wasn't there so..,i used to buy all the parts that i needed in auto zone.

now, i'm going to be one less costumer because they refused to give me a refund and they didn't give me the customer attention that i needed . they were rude and unprofessional .i'll tell you one thing, what they did to me was a bad thing for that particular auto part store.

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Auto Part.

Monetary Loss: $12.

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you are a useless human being. its called user error.


Did you match up the new hose with the old one before installation? This should be standard practice even if the part is specific to the vehicle by application, since mistakes happen with numbering and packaging.

I once bought a set of brake shoes and one out of the four was incorrect, but i caught it prior to installation because I matched them up first. If the hose was only off "by a hair" it should be possible to stop the leak by tightening the clamp a little more.


sorry it sounds like the customer is at fault


Excuse me why arent your eyes as good as the counter mans eyes. If it looked ok to you then it probably looked ok to him.

Vince W

Autozone Corporate HQ does not invest in it's staff. Their policy is to staff whoever passes the pre-employment exam (a standard 100 or so question evaluation) regardless of experience.

The company's policy is to sell. Despite their "mission statement", they are not very well rounded in advice or know-how. The store turnover rivals a McDonalds, which in Autoparts, is unacceptable. Don't bother going to an Autozone unless you can answer three questions yourself.

1. What is the part you need called? 2. What is the year, make, model, and engine type of your car?

3. You already know how to install / service the vehicle in question.

If you have these 3 covered, you only have to rely on the person at the counter to find the part. Leave the advice to your local NAPA or Mechanic.


:( lack of experience sweet jesus you got to start some where looks like he tryed, the world would be a better place if every one was not just looking out for there selves


Sounds to me like he made a dang good effort if he missed it only by a hair without even seeing the actual project. 10 points to him :)


It's a retail store, not a repair shop. You want trained employees, don't go to a big box retailer. They're there to sell you what you ask for, nothing more.


Let me get this right. Employee told you they didn't carry the correct hose but you wanted him to try to find something that might fit.

He got you a hose that looked like the same diameter and you claim he said it would fit...of course they always make that claim.

You most likely messed up the hose trying to make it fit and now you want them to refund your money on a part you knew wasn't the correct one. And, of course, they were rude, unprofessional, and you spend a ton of money there until now.

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