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I think that the employees at this location are not complying with the standard requirement of the Store Handbook including the Code of Conduct FY2013. I had a personal experience that was not handled in a professional manner and I have made a complaint with the Regional manager named John at 210 348 9934.

I processed the complaint yesterday and as of today am still waiting for a response to this situation. Nothing as of now has been dealt with. I was left stranded with a non charged battery and no solution. I was accused by Roger Morales that I was lying about a sub manager placing a commercial battery into my vehicle.

Rather than being compassionate about my situation and giving me options or solutions to my situation he was very unprofessional. I explained that back in February of 2013 I walked into the AutoZone, Fair Ave location with a weak battery and the substitute manager traded out my commercial battery for a brand new one. The sub manager first stated that I had to take care of it with the dealership because it was warranted with them. He then invited me back into the store and asked me to wait a minute.

After a while he came back out and stated he took care of it and was going to replace it and send it back under the dealerships accounts. He also stated he placed the information into the computer and I could come back at anytime within a three year period because it was documented and under warranty. I explained this to Roger Morales and he accused me of lying, stating that there was no way one of Autozones employees would have done that. I asked if there was a way that he could track the product as an inventory item to the store to show that it came from their location.

He stated without paperwork he would not do anything. He said it was the dealerships responsibility and not his to change it out. I called the dealership in front of him and talked to the service manager and the service manager stated that all he had to do was check the date code on it and the service manager would agree to take care of it. I informed Roger Morales and again he stated he was not going to do it unless I had a paper stating that it was changed out.

I told him I would go back to my car and check my folder for any documentation on the transaction. I had none still had the dealership on the line that was trying to help me with the process. I walk into the store and try to reason with Roger for a solution, as I walk in he is about the walk out with Philip Falcon and they both refuse to do anything for me as they are about to leave for lunch. This entire time I have been accused of not just lying but accusations of getting the battery from another location because there was no way this store would ever do such a transaction.

If its not in the system then according to Roger Morales I would not be helped in any way. He continued to be disrespectful and state "do you have paperwork, no then I wont help you", "show me paperwork or I wont even touch the battery" and I assure you he did not bother helping me at all. Philip Morales then walked out asked me to lift the hood, looked at the battery and said that he agreed it was their product but without proof he couldnt do anything for me. He begin to explain procedure and at that time I told Philip I have been told about procedure over 5 times but no one is offering me a solution, what can you do to help me now that i know procedure and my battery is dead.

He said we cant do nothing for you like Roger said without paperwork. Roger then asked me to describe the man that helped me and I did and as I was in the middle of describing him he accused me once again of lying because their was no one that ever worked there that looked like that, he walked off to a vehicle and Philip stood there red in the face and said he wished he could do more, that if I wanted to file a complaint I could call a number and gave me a number listed on the door. I placed it into my phone and he walked off to have lunch. Both careless that I was stranded at the store with no resolution.

Did I expect a free battery or an exchange at first yes because I was previously misinformed from a sub manager, but by that time after I was informed of proper procedure all I wanted was to be helped with a dead battery to get my day started. I walked into the store after Philip walked away and got into the line for help. I spoke to a gentleman named Bortelio Martinez. He asked me what the outcome was and I told him basically they refused to help me at all, gave me no options or resolutions and left for lunch leaving me stranded.

Bortelio said he only had two options for me but at least he was willing to help me. He stated that he could charge my battery but it would not last long and that it would possibly get me to the dealership to get it exchanged or that I could purchase a battery. I told him that I wanted to purchase a battery and thanked him for being nice and helpful. He then said he commended me for being calm and not reacting to the way I was treated.

He walked outside and changed out my battery, I was grateful and felt that he handled the situation as he was trained or possibly not trained but common sense allowed him to make the right choice as an employee at Autozone that has only been employed through them for a very short period of time. Roger claimed he had been there the longest and knew I was not telling the truth about the description. I then left and once returning home I called and left a message with the DM named John, I explained the problem that I had with the employees and he stated that he would watch the video to see situation and I said that was wonderful, he claimed that he was going to watch it, head over to the store and find out what happened and why Roger nor Philip helped me and then contact me in return once he deals with the issue. I called back later in the day and spoke to him.

Nothing had been taken care of, he also stated at that time that he did not have to inform me of the repercussion since it was against store policy. I informed him that if things were not taken care of and I wasnt contacted in return that I would make it public. He said he would handle it not to worry and still I have not heard anything back from the DM named John. My point is that they have a policy indeed and that policy is to be as helpful towards their customers to help them with all situations.

It is clearly stated in the handbook that I have already read over. I did not over react, I never hollered at anyone, I didnt disrespect anyone, I stood patiently and waited for a solution and was misguided and mistreated by the accusations and by leaving me standing there without a solution. If you have experienced anything to this extent please make me aware so that we can ensure that noone else goes through something like this. I would not want my daughter, son, parents or anyone I am remotely close to, to have to go through this situation.

It was a very demeaning experience.

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I AGREE CUSTOMER SERVICE TRAINING. 3 MGRS 2 not caring and without good service, but with bad prejudicial service. :upset


Auto Zone does not train their employees this is fact! It is really a sink or swim mentality if you can make it there.

As for the so called mechanics who think they know cars, well you create your own headaches as you buy parts and hope it fixes the problem which sometimes works and sometimes does not.

Fact is you bought the part so please do not return it because you really did not need it. Auto Zone does try to accommodate idiots but keep in mind it services the DIY customer not the I will try it myself customer who knows nothing about vehicles.

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