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On 1/5/13 my Grampa's car battery died. He went to AUTOZONE store # 2481, they are located at 27292 Baseline Avenue, Highland CA. My grandfather trusted the employee (just as many of us do) when they type in the car information and get the replacement parts needed. Needless to say it was the wrong battery. My grandfather went home, connected the battery and the car did not start, he then called AAA and the driver after trying to start the car realized it was the wrong battery. Being the good guy that he was he drove my gramps back to autozone & they explained what happened. Autozone refused any responsibility but still were willing to give my grandfather a refund. Upon returning home it was determined the car would now have to be taken to a mechanic for repairs.

Lexus charged my grandfather $514 for repairs. My grandfather then went to Autozone to tell them what had taken place. Initially the staff would take no responsibility for their part in this, even though their staff pulled the battery directly from the shelf & loaded it into the car - THEY chose the wrong battery. My grandfather dealt with "Andy" the store manager who said he had contacted the district manager & requested my grandfather provide receipts to him in order to turn them over to Frank the district manager, which when my grandfather asked for Franks phone number he was told "he didn't have a phone number."Then my grandfather was told Frank had been given the information& would be calling him. Finally when Frank did call he let my grandfather know he had not talked to Andy, had no receipts and that HE MIGHT be able to get my grandfather HALF of the money he had to pay for repairs.

SHAME ON AUTOZONE! My grandparents are 82 years old, they have one vehicle, and not in the best of health. They paid money out of pocket that they were not responsible for, and were without the use of a vehicle for days, and now they are giving my grandfather the runaround.

I am posting this every place possible, and asking others to pass it on so that this does not happen to anyone else. I also suggest that autozone consider sending their employees to spend an afternoon with my grandfather so they might see what honesty &integrity look like.

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Part Replacement.

Monetary Loss: $514.

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I'm currently dealing with a bad experience with AutoZone .

Took my Toyota to the Toyota dealership and they looked over my car and found I needed a new battery. The battery is a AutoZone battery so I called AutoZone and they confirmed the battery was under warrenty.

I picked up my car drove it strait to AutoZone and while they where installing the battery the guy dropped the battery and it broke some plastic piece connecting a hose , the guy said oh did you know you had this broken?

He is not admitting he did it! I'm furrious!


Wow, I do not know where to begin. Lets just keep it simple.

There is no way that Autozone could be responsible. It doesn't matter what battery they sold him. I am sure it was 12 volt and 12 volts is 12 volts. The only way the car could have been damaged was 1) it was already damaged or 2) the grandfather hooked the battery up backwards, 3) the grandfather crossed the terminals on accident.

This is jûst another case of someone mis diagnosing the problem to begin with and trying to get someone else to pay for their mistake. They may have sold him the wrong battery but it could not have caused that type of damage.


I hope you are not an actual spokesman for Autozone. That might be the most unprofessional "explanation" I have ever seen in my life. If you are going to attempt to represent a company, I would try to be a little more professional.


sry u had a bad experience, but u mind if i ask what problem was diagnosed by lexus man. it sounds like there could be some misunderstanding, seems like reversed polarity, very common mistake but definitely can damage a luxury cars system if the vehicle is actually signaled to start.

could u ask him if the posts smoked or anything like that? dont let this experience dictate ur view of the company as a whole man. im sure there are some bad apples but most of us really do try to go above whats called for customer survice.

thats y i like working for this company, cause it doesnt work perfectly but we do try to take care of the customer as best as we can. giv us another shot man, maybe a different store, see if we cant show u otherwise, heck if my store wasnt so far away id tell u to come by there.

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