Las Vegas, Nevada
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i have stopped going to store #2242 in las vegas nv.the parts salesman was mentally dormant and screwed up my checkout 3 times could not count change

nor could he figure out auto parts he sold and how those parts function in a truck...real ***, though he was polite.!!!!Alan was his a Mr Peralta (alleged mgr) was upset because i asked him twice how a part worked in a truck and he raisd his voice and insulted me personally as if i was *** or something........i could see he was most impatient with anyone asking a question more than once...he needs to go plant flowers and not deal with people.Also i observed another asian employee outside the store working on his nissan old car and ignoring customers and yapping on his cell phone. all this took place on monday 12th oct 2010.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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I have a 1962 Thunderbird, I called AutoZone and asked if they could test a generator. The kid said "sure". I told him, now this is a generator, not an alternator. He said he knew, and it was no problem. So I brought it in, and made sure I had the same guy that I spoke to on the phone. I told him again it was a generator and was off a 1962 car, before they had alternators. He said the machine would test it fine.

Well he came back and says "It has a bad diode in it". I told him it didn't have any diodes in it. He says "well, that what the machine says".

I can't blame the kids, they try to do their best, but I would have though more of him if he would have just admitted he didn't know what I was talking about. Nobody can know everything, just admit it.


hello its a DIY store! if you dont know what your doing take it to the dealership or pay a good mechanic. the very least you could do is google it.


Wasn't he a Mexican that spoke Korean driving a German car? was a Canadian cell phone!!


Why should he know how a certain part works in your truck? His job is to sell you the part your requested, not provide you technical information on its operation. If you don't know how the part works in your truck, maybe you should take your vehicle to a mechanic who does.

Of course, an Asian employee working on a car of Asian manufacture must mean it was his car. After all, he couldn't be helping a customer with their car, since he was Asian and it had to be his because Asians only drive cars of Asian origination.

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