Albuquerque, New Mexico
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These batteries are the worst ever, had nothing but trouble with these. Over priced junk!

Stay away from these batteries, they are not durable or lasting. They did replace them two times, but when it did the same thing again I got tired of dealing with it, took the battery back, went to Pep Boys, got a battery for half the price Auto Zone sells their junk for and it has been a great battery.

I will never walk in to an Auto Zone again. They need to dump the Duralast line and sell some good batteries, not this junk!!

Monetary Loss: $75.

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OK..Duralast is made by Johnson Controls...Very good chance the Pep Boys battery is either Exide or Johnson Controls also. Dunno for sure, wouldn't be caught dead in a Pep Boys.


I take it that you work at Pep Boys?

Nice plug, fella.

Perhaps you should have let them check your charging system while you were there since it sounds like you have something else wrong other than the battery. THREE bad batteries in a row? Not very likely. You'd have a better shot at winning the Powerball.


I do not work at Pep Boys, and the battery I purchased from them is doing great! There is nothing wrong with my charging system, I had it tested. Sounds like you work at Auto Zone?

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