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I attempted to help a friend exchange their under warranty duralast battery at Auto zone on woodman (45431). I spoke with the manager and explained my situation, and since the manager couldn't find a record of purchase under my friends phone number, the manager told me they can't honor the warranty.

I honestly felt that since it was Saturday and they were busy, they just wanted me to leave. I don't understand why they would refuse to honor their warranty on their product. I can't be the only person whose records couldn't be pulled up. I grew up only shopping at autozone, because they offered the best warranty on their parts.

Apparently things have changed.

Disappointed. .......

Product or Service Mentioned: Duralast Battery.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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There was a guy that came into autozone asking to have a battery replaced under warranty. He gave me the information the warranty would be located under, I never found it.

He gets irate and starts giving everyone an attitude, even the customers. Long story short, it turns out his son was the one that bought the battery and it was under his information. This made him look like a huge *** but he didnt want to be wrong. Out of his frustration, he grabbed the battery by the handle stormed to the door and decided to open it by swinging the battery into the glass door.

He broke the door and we never saw him again.

If it's not under the assumed information you are providing, it's under another. Customer information can't just disappear unless the man in charge of maintaining the database servers decides to wipe them.

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