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I bought a Duralast battery from Autozone in 2011. It had a 7 year warranty, so I felt OK paying a bit extra for it (about $80 plus tax -- you can get great batteries at Walmart for less than $50; the battery before this one was a $40 battery from Walmart that lasted 6 years).

Only one year later (in 2012) the Duralast battery went bad, and was replaced for free by Autozone as it was in the 2-year free replacement period (I was lucky I wasn't stranded somewhere). That second battery had been manufactured only one month prior to installation in my car. The free replacement is great, OK, but it was a hassle, and the retaining bolt for the battery broke during the installation process, so then I had to spend the time and get it elsewhere and bring the car back one more time to finish the installation. That replacement battery has now gone bad, and needs replacement in February of 2016, less than 4 years since it was installed. The two batteries together have lasted less than 5 years.

So a 7-year battery first lasted only one year, and another 7 year battery that was put in as a replacement lasted less than 4 years. I am batting 0 for 2 with these batteries. That tells me that Duralast batteries suck and the 7-year warranty is only used as a gimmick to hook the consumer.

The pro-rated warranty period lasts from the purchase date of the original battery, and, as I understand it, I won't be getting any money back, but instead I could get a $20 discount on another overpriced, *** Duralast battery that may last a year or two or, if I am lucky, barely 4. And it would still be significantly more expensive than going to Walmart and getting one that will last more than 4 years without any hassles, from my experience.

So, Duralast doesn't "dura" and doesn't last. And the warranty is a scam.

Product or Service Mentioned: Duralast Battery.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

AutoZone Pros: Customer service.

AutoZone Cons: Defective parts and warranty.

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Hey Entitled Customer, Please understand that 2 companies make batteries ( East Penn and Johnson Controls ). Only wish that entitled customers understood that they need to service their batteries for a longer life ( clean terminal ends, make sure distilled water is full in the 6 cells under the tabs ). It gets hard listening to customers complaining all day and they don't have a clue in life.


I made the mistake of purchasing a Duralast battery that after one year, would drain if left in my car more than a day without taking it for a ride. To make matters worse, Autozone refused to warranty it because it 'passed' on their battery tester once charged.

I left the battery on the counter and purchased an Interstate battery. Interstate batteries are the only batteries I have found that consistently last longer than the warranty.

I've run Interstate batteries in five cars over the last 20 years and never once had a failure. I not only won't buy Duralast, I also avoid AutoZone like the plague.


Walmart batteries and Duralast batteries are the exact same batteries. They are both manufactured by Johnson Controls, and just get different labels. Just so you know.


"lifetime warranty" on my part also a scam. They won't honor it.

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