Denver, Colorado

don the manager at the autozone in rapid city,sd is most interested in rude service to native americans then selling parts for autozone in some cases he charges more for parts or out right get out of my store he openly practices these rude customer services to natives ameriecans on a daily basis,don charged us 200.00 for a core exchange for a battery itlod him why he's charging us so much money for the core and he said it's my store or go some were else,i don't need your bussiness here! get out he told us.and make it worst he still works there.

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Manager.

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Lighten up Tonto!You were probably drunk when you went into Autozone!If the manager gave you a cheaper price you would just blow the money you saved on booze anyway!


He can't change the core price. The computer won't let him and there is no capability to do so.

Did you save your receipt?

Any other price changes would be on there. No doubt you had a bad experience, but your info is incorrect.


No store manager can charge more for parts unless they manually override it which will show on your receipt. Core charges are set by the coporate office and cannot be overriden. Unless this person has the receipts with the proof, it's a bogus complaint.


I am the corporate investigator for AutoZone in Memphis,TN I read your complaint and if you want me to follow up please contact me at

Gertrude W

B.S. lie /bogus complaint!!!

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