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I needed parts for my VW and after calling around for the parts all of them would have to be ordered. I figured that if I had to order them then why not try Autozone online.

Very Bad Idea! The web page states that the order ships in 2 business days. So I placed my order on Sunday, no instant email confirmation didn't worry me that much. Monday morning no email, finally got one by close of business Monday, tracking number is pending at that time.

I waited expecting a tracking number by Wednesday, that's two business days to me. So I waited until Thursday before I called inquiring about my order, to get a useless automated system and inept customer rep who basically said that it was "processing" and then hung up. I didn't get a tracking number until late after 3pm Friday. The tracking number said that it was due in on the following Friday.

That would mean almost 2wks for my order to come in! I was not pleased! Thankfully Fedex was fast and it came in on Wednesday. The shipping box was packaged well but one of the parts box's was crushed luckily the part seemed ok.

The other parts were wrong, kinda hard to mess things up when there is only one option according to the web page. The best part was when I went to the store to try and get the correct parts. The store attendant said I had to ship it back to the distributor. I luckily had all the packing paperwork which says exactly what the return procedure is.

To upset me even further the attendant couldn't be bothered to see if there was just a glitch or something and check other years to try and find the correct part!

What happened to decent customer service, its getting to the point were its not worth it to deal with Autozone's BS!!

By the way there also was an Autozone web page deal for free two day shipping. Well the two day shipping is bogus the fine print reads that you are charged almost $80 a month for the service, so pass on that.

Monetary Loss: $127.

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You should all switch to ROCKAUTO.COM. Im stationed overseas I get my parts in 5days.


Tried to order tune up parts for my Lincoln LS and every single item on their web is special order. I be if I walked in they would have it.

Why is it so hard with computers now a days to keep up your web site?

I know your just parts people but get in the 20th century


I had the same thing happen to me. My parts were for a 67 Mustang - special order front end parts.

Sounded good - free shipping, lifetime warranty, ships in 3-5 days. WOW. Big Mistake - too good to be true.

Still missing one part & going round & round with their "customer service " - out of the 5 parts I ordered, one box was empty, one had the wrong part (label said Toyota), so far the other 3 parts look ok. Three out of five - not what I expected :?

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