Athens, Georgia

I am a frequent customer of the Dacula Ga store. I have noticed a huge

turn over of employees there. I inquired about this to several of the

kids who work there. It seems that they all live in fear of the district

manager of this store. They all say she constantly threatens their jobs and treats them very disrespectfully. They are afraid to say anything to

her superiors because they might lose their jobs. Her name is Nadeera

Persaud. Your Company might want to check into this. I have no complaints

against Auto Zone.

The employees there are also upset about the recent firing of their store

manager. Apparently he was only there a month. From my understanding this

district manager did not like him from the beginning because he was not

hired by her and had no real reason to fire him. He was never given a chance and made an unintentional mistake because of his lack of experience.

The employees say Ms Persaud has prejudices against certain Ethnic groups

and that she is on a power trip of some kind. She will not listen to

anyone and insists on total control whether or not she is right.

The employees of this store have been helpful and nice. As a customer I

have nothing to lose. I can speak for them and I hope I have not gotten

anyone in trouble.

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Manager.

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