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i bought a window unit from auto zone and had it installed the window unit mal-function and i had to replace it again it cost me @111.oo both times i feel like auto zone should pay at less one of these charges since it was their window replacement i had to take care of. I when back to auto zone to see why i have not got my refund check that was taken to the store the manager sia the case was still opened that was on Jan.16 the complaint was since Nov.4,2011. this means that pissed customer is not the word it should be but off hand i cant think of a more niiiiicer word.

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Manager.

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The worst thing about working here is you really got to deal with people who dnt know what car they drive nd expect u to find the parts for them. U also have to deal with people who dnt know where they buy their larts lookin 4 warranty.

The other problems that you only get a 10 cents raise and that is fukd up after they make you sell all their *** like light bulb grease and check out which is fuel system cleaner. After a year of working jere I have found out that this company keeps all the money from all those things you sell to pay for announcements or for the remanufacuting of parts. If you need money this will help you out a bit at least youll have 100dollars for gas.

I feel as more as I work there I get less motivated because u deal with *** customers very demanding people and ppl who want u 2 fix their car for them its like they dnt know where auto shops are located. I seen too many things that are bad about az bt dats how all corps are.


I work there currently and yea the money sucks the hours they give you are not enough and the clients expect you to do all their light bulb replacing and battery changing for them and dat is bull because if you ask it is not required you go out and change their light bulbs nd batterys and people think u have to do it just because you work there. This company is garbage all ball joints that are new mess up quick.

They make us sell stuff and if you cant sell they give you no hours this is da worst company you could work for but if you need money youll stick to it. :(


where do i start?.. ok first of all most of these "mechanics" come in to autozone after you leave or call on the phone to ask questions about installing said part.

when we cant answer it for them they say ..*** it and im gonna do it anyway.

take it to a shop. its that simple.


Chad is correct. This is one reason among others that many mechanics refuse to install parts that customers purchased personally.

A company like AutoZone will warranty the functionality of their parts, but no where do they claim a labor guarantee, except to their commercial accounts. While in this particular case you lost out on the labor costs, in general this type of policy benifits you as a customer. For example, an auto parts store will frequently "warranty" out parts such as brake pads and rotors even though 95% of these returns do not qualify for a warranty exchange, simply to keep customers happy and because it isn't a great expense to them. Now say for example that everytime a parts store does this, they have to pay you for labor.

Two things will happen. One, say goodbye to things like "lifetime" warranties, and two, good luck ever getting a warranty exchange, seeing as if you read the fine print, your chewed up brake pads will rarely if ever qualify for a true warranty claim.

Parts stores would not be able to ever turn a profit if they were responsible for the labor to replace parts, and still try to maintain at least some of the "customer service" that people feel entitled to. thats just how it is.


Autozone will give you the money back for the labor cost all you have to do is show the bill to the store manager and ask to open a labor claim and you should get your money back


If you wanted the install covered, you should have had the mechanic buy the part, they'll cover the work if they provide the parts. It's not their fault that it failed, but it's also not Autozones fault that you paid to have something installed.

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