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I worked at AutoZone for the past 3 years. At the start of our fiscal year I was promoted to commercial sales manager.

The job came with more hours and a raise. Well I certainly got more hours than I wanted working off the clock after my shift just about everyday I worked and working on my days off... while off the clock. When I inquired why my checks still reflected my old pay rate I was told it would be taken care of with a retro back check.

Months went by and nothing happened. All that time being told "I (my district manager) can't send in the paperwork right now". I have checked with multiple people since I have left the company if I would ever see my hard earned money.

Last night I sent a message to that district manager and received the reply. " expect something from me..."

[size=150][b][color=#FF0000]So I urge you please take your business somewhere else where they pay their employees for the time they put in[/color][/b].[/size]

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Manager.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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If that is true, contact your State's wage and Hour division, probably a part of the State's Commerce department. No company would risk the fines and lawsuits that would come out of that behavior, so, again, if it is true, either your DM did not have authorization to give you a promotion and raise, or else he's an incompetent weenie who is in over his head.


well lets see the RM lives on my street so ya we talked I'm assuming you missed the part where I said I checked with multiple people being my rm zoners over the phone at hr other csm's different dm's sm's *** even tsm's o and we can't forget Mr. Scott Koch that would be Mr. AutoZone cyber police. Heck if you want to get real technical here I also got screwed out of a raise because my pay rate still reflected my psm position so I didn't get any dang raise.

Last but not least this was posted back in November on a site called pissed consumer where people "WHINE". I've given up on the money if I really wanted to stick it to AutoZone I'd just go to the state labor board and get my attorney involved.

My advice to you would be to take your zoner butt and get off the internet and follow your company's online policy because they will fire you if they catch you talking about AutoZone online.


Other than you DM, did you call anyone else ? Did you call you RM or HR ? If you didn't then stop whining !

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