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Today(24th March 2015) I went to return the dirty power steering fluid i pumped out of my car and its less than 5 quat and return it to Autozone in Farmington Avenue, bristol, CT. The store manager(Kevin) at the store mentioned that the oil is contaminated and milky(what?) he does not believe that it was power steering fluid and that I pumped out the dirty power steering fluid with the Castrol ATF bought from their own autozone store in Southington, CT.

This store(talked to Dijon) also mentioned that their waste oil barrel is full and wanted me to come on Thursday(26th March 2015) not sure how true this is.

They want our business but they don't want to help the customers? I am not sure they were advised by the Autozone to be like that only to the people who return oil and stuff, what an innovative ways to decline it.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. prakask stated that there is a room for improvement of service. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of return policy. Autozone needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.

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The waste bin is for motor oil only, as us as employees have been told. Also, you yourself have not even mentioned how long that fluid was in the car.

It could be one day, to ten years. In which case, why would they return a product that who knows how long it has been in the vehicle? Nor if a dirty pump is why it appears that way? It is unclear from your post due to poor grammar if you are attempting to return a product as a refund, or dispose of the old fluid in a recycling attempt.

If this was for a refund, did you present a receipt? Was the receipt less than a year old? If this was for recycling, then the fact it appeared milky, and their disposal unit was full are both valid reasons they turned you down. AutoZone offers recycling as a free service.

That does not mean they are obligated for every single person, nor does it mean there will never been times when those services are unavailable. Have a wonderful night.


I work at an autozone. The oil bins in the stores are for oil ONLY, we are trained to inspect all fluid to make sure its only oil because its sent to a recycler and cannot be contaminated with power steering fluid or any other chemicals just like the containers at the dump.


Not sure why they say they accept for free and they always do that i never go to buy anything from them. I go to different store, and buy things from them

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