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I ordered a dashmat on the 15th of may and was promised it would be in my the 19th of may. now after being told to call fed ex and tell them they are *** autozone says it will be 3 weeks till I get it and that there is nothing I can do.

great customer service you morons. best part is that the receipt even says the 19th and I called up the district manager and all he says is that he can only give me a 20.00 gift card.

given that all of the *** they have 20.00 will get me nothing. makes me feel special.

Review about: Autozone Manager.

Monetary Loss: $34.

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ANY autozoner knows when you place an order you have to F7 approve the transaction atleast 3x the second screen shows the times for estimated delivery. If he dashmat truly cost 69.99 it would have never made it to the checkout screen to be processed, furthermore if you have a reciept showing the part # and the price you paid regardless of what its supposed to cost, they sold it to you at that price and MUST honor it, no added cost to you.


I am pissed cause autozone told me that it would be there on the 19th. When i called o tge 19th they said it wasnt in.

I called fed ex who said it was shipped. When i spoke with the district manager ge said that the date given on the receipt is a promise from autozone and tgat he promised it would be in the following monday. When i called on this monday several weeks later they said that they had it in. I came to pick it up to find out that it was anotger guys who ordered theres a couple days ago.i called up dashmat that day right there witg an autozone manager right there and dashmat says that they do not have an order for me.

I then came to find out during the purchase originally tgat the rep rang me up as 29.99 for tge cover and it was rejected cause they are really 69.99. Autozone has since made me pay the difference and said that they did not know.


If your dashmat was ordered from a "vendor" versus an interstore transfer there is no guarantee it will come in if it is unpaid. Don I think we need more of your story before we can pass judgement on your rant. Clearly a case of a customer who is angry and lets there emotions get to them before they think or act.


I am clearly starting that the rep said it was in and I would have it on a specific day. Even the regional manager said I would on the following Monday but I called them to find out that they wouldn't get it for several more weeks.


i understand where the guy is coming from on not getting his part and also undertand where you are coming from with your comment but your comment is less than desirable i would be mad to having to wait three weeks


Note the part where they said "FedEx." All an employee can do is place an order. If you third party supplier doesn't have one to send, or if there are shipping delays, there isn't a thing someone working at AutoZone can do about it besides give you a gift card.

What do you want them to do? Whittle you a dash mat out of some car batteries?

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