Shirley, New York

I currently work at this abomination of a company. Here they don't evaluate you on on-time performance or work ethic, rather how much *** you sell.

You can help the customer with the best knowledge around, not good enough if you don't sell lubricant with the brake pads. Now, for you customers that are tired of hearing the questions, here's a note to you. The items at the register that we always push on you, we have to sell them or we get reprimanded, have our hours cut and possibly get written up, these are called "Checkout challenges" where its a competition between stores (Yes you just read that right) to sell more than anyone else, winning stores are awarded prizes. Guess what?

WE NEVER GET THEM ANYWAY! IT'S A CROCK! The lubricant we always ask you for, same deal, it's called "WITTDJR" (What It Takes To Do the Job Right). Same deal minus the "competition".

This we HAVE to sell or, again reprimand and so on. What about asking us to go out to your car and check something? You know what our boss says? "Remember we're not mechanics but go do whatever" So why is part of our slogan "We know our parts?" If we go out, we're expected to know what we're looking at.

Some of us are mechanics outside the job some are not BUT they know cars inside out, but there are some that are just there because it's a job, yet we're not expected to know anything job-wise, customer-wise, with what we throw out there, people expect us to know everything, because corporate makes your hopes rise when they don't know the real deal with their employees at their stores. Now personally, I have worked there just under a year, our yearly evaluations are every October. Guess what? I only get a $0.10 raise, so now I'm being paid $8.85/hr to deal with angry customers because we never have the right part or a part that works correctly.

Get a part that you have to put fluid in (ex. Master Cylinder/Transmission Filter) or have to grease up (Ball Joint/CV Axle/Bearings) they WILL fail, whether it be a day or a couple months. Our re-manufactured parts, fail within a month...ALWAYS! Why?

Who knows? Take a failed alternator to an ACE Electrical store and they can rebuild it and it will last you 20 years! Is this company really that ***? Yes it is!

Our managers get paid about $2 more an hour than associates while the store manager is salaried depending on how sales are in their store? Biased? I'd say so.

This store is not worth the *** parts, not worth the terrible treatment towards customers and employees and DEFINITELY not worth the pay for what we deal with every day. Please do yourself a favor and read this, then never work here unless you don't want to be respected at all.

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AZ Job Description •Practices GOTTChA and assists with the installation of wipers blades, batteries and light bulbs Employees are not required to install parts for customers.


And yes, I started as a part time red shirt


I started at 10.75 without any automotive knowledge. But man, did I learn a lot about vehicles working here.


blame this on Gill the district manager that ugly dude literally doesnt not care if your not in the same team with him. dude cant even listen to red shirt he prefer to listen someone else rather than a red shirt That's Facts


My husband says this daily! 9 year vet with autozone and he says this job is *** And agree's 1000% with this post i read to him while he gets ready for work


I got 9.10 at start


Sounds just like Advance Auto parts. I was a GM and my boss was a very old Female.

She hit up on me rubbing her nasty foot up my calf. Not once but three times. I turned her down every time and reported it to the Area manager and the Commercial manager. They did nothing and get this I WAS FIRED.

Had the highest sales in the Region as well. Well over 250,000 over all goals and fired.

This company has NO integrity and they way they tax... They need to be Audited!


Autozone is an awful, greedy, back stabbing, place to work. The Manager of the store is a *** who abuses his position and employees and STILL works at that location.

The CEO is money hungry and rarely closes the store for holidays. Karma is a ***.




My old store manager down here in Katy, Texas would flip out if we weren't selling period! We were always number 1 in our district because of her.

My stress level went up, it was horrible!! Now we have a new store manager, and he's pretty chill. Our wittdtjr score board this week is around the 90%, that's terrible! But he doesn't yell or pressure us to sell.

It always depends on who your store manager is. I wouldn't recommend this job to anyone.


After two years of service and dealing with pretty much the same thing, I decided to go to another company. I love selling parts and I love cars and I wouldn't let this company hinder that.

My biggest complaint was management. A lot of store managers have a sense of entitlement, and while I understand you are managing a store, there is no reason for a man in his mid 30s to act like a child. I ended up with a lot of stress and blood pressure problems because I worried about failing. I took a step back and saw that it wasn't me, but the people in charge.

After getting put on for over 6 months on an upgrade position, I decided it was time for a change. Hang in there, good things have to those with tenacity.


I have been working for AZ for over a year and a half now and I must say, absolutely the worst job I have ever had!! :( Past experience

McDonalds, Sonic, Construction, Custom Closet Manufacturing and Assembly.

I started working for the company bc of my passion for cars and now slightly over a year later I cannot stand even working on my own vehicle. The starting wages for a red shirt position start at under $8/hr in the state of Texas (Spring Area). I got hired in at $8.50 an hour even after leaving my last job at $9. When I was hired I was told that there was room for improvement and a 60 day evaluation and raise, never happened. I have been stared all across the board being above and beyond the sales expectations, beyond sales for COC, And WITTDTJR and still to this day feel extremely under appreciated for my efforts. After a year of working here i am making $8.81/hr still in the same position. I even turned down a promotion last week bc the raise was under $1/hr. Seems like a dumb idea but I'm currently looking for a new job so what's the point.

Overall the job is not too difficult. If you have some knowledge of cars you can do this job, the problem is the customers. They have taken the fact that we do a lot of things for free waaaaaaaay to far :x . They expect to come in and pay nothing to have their problem solved. If they leave without their problem solved, It's the end of the world. THE RULE OF THUMB HERE IS IF YOU DON'T KNOW SOMETHING, OR HOW TO FIX SOMETHING, YOU PAY SOMEONE WHO DOES!!!!! :eek Such a hard concept for today's world to understand.

But back to the company. They go against their policies everyday. The customer always comes first is their motto and they don't let you forget it. Posting signs all over every checkout and taped to all the phones. It doesn't matter what the customer wants, make them happy, but god forbid if you do something they don't like, they will have ur ***. Along with the new livestrong band policy, stating "Just Always Be Nice" must be worn at all times while on the clock.

If you are looking to work for AZ or are in the hiring process, my advice to you is RUN THE OTHER WAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN. I wish someone would have told me that before I was a year in. Just think of it this way, is it really worth $8/hr to change upwards of 5-7 batteries, 4-6 headlights/tailights, and pull 20 check engine codes a day, all within a 6-8 hr period. I think not :upset


I really love this page, people getting mad about having a job and getting paid... If I had a choice I'd stay home and kickback, but *** it I have to work!

Pretty tough this work thing, need to think of a way to get paid and not work... Could conjure up the spirit of FDR, he'd hook me up, oh sorry, he's been hooking up all the folks that don't want to work for decades... Hmmm maybe welfare is the way to go? Or I could get a job and then complain, sounds like a plan...

Ok I'll go to work, and kinda do my job, then complain...

It just might be fun, ok then, I'm getting hired A.S.A.P, then complain....

Thanks for letting me vent, hope I didn't complain to much...



Don't install anything on the customer's vehicle ----- AZ Job Description --- •Practices GOTTChA and assists with the installation of wipers blades, batteries and light bulbs


You guys are all ***. You expect a job that will bend over backwards for you, that's not the real world.

Grow the *** up and get a pair. Deal with it. Its life. If you don't like it then be a *** ***, in time of recession you really have no room to b**** and moan.

With attitudes like all of yours, your lucky to get a job at mc donalds. Grow up and get a life.


If you think these people are just ***, trust me you are wrong. If you dont believe them try it out yourself before you start ***.I been working there for a month and i feel the same as these people. Autozone is ***.


literally I bet McDonald treat there employees way better than autozone.


You are paid to sell. They do not hire mechanics they are not hiring people with auto knowledge.

They sell parts. If an employee can't sell parts then they are not good employees. An employee is a investment for a company.

Don't like it go work elsewhere or open your own multibillion dollar autoparts company.


:x This guy gets it!! Hahahaa *hand five* *belly bump* ^


Autozone sucks b@lls

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