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I bought a battery jumper for a car for $118 a Duralast 1200 it was fully charged all the way up green and when I hooked up the battery it went all the way down it was complete junk I brought it right back the guy said he put it back on my card I left a couple weeks later I realized I never went back on my card I called the bank I went back to the store and the manager said that since it was a debit card the guy should have gave me cash. Well I told him he didn't give me cash and they should text her cameras and another few weeks went by and nothing happened I called corporate I called customer service I email customer service at least 8 times they kept sending me a letter saying they're sorry they want to look into it but they sent me the same form letter every single time ask me the same questions even though I answered them every time they are a horrible customer service company employing thieves who steal Natalie from their store but from the customers themselves in the returns and the customers money that should have been returned to them. The corporation themselves or people who just want a paycheck and do nothing to actually earn it. I do reviews on several different sites and I've have to say that the AutoZone customer service and lack of knowledge by the actual store manager to rectify it really stunned me as complete complete unprofessionalism and ignorance and lack of any concern for the customer. You are better off going to Napa or any other auto parts store as this one has lost his touch and I cannot even see how they're still in business as they work much less efficiently than a state agency which would be out of business if it were a private practice. I am still waiting and this started at February 2nd today is June 3rd it is amazing how in-depth and unprofessional and it seems there's lack of skills all the way up the line from the employees in the store all the way up to customer service all the way up to the corporate Executives who sit on their *** and do nothing and shovel papers around and don't actually do any work. I still not got my money back although I was told by corporate to bring the receipt in and if they did not show a return on my credit card for them to give me the money back I went back there the manager walked around for 3 hours while I stood there and then the end and wrote it off as one loss instead he just fired because probably like even though. Your store managers protecting thieves that work for them in that company. I still have not got my money back and I will let you know as I told them I would like it back by this Wednesday or I will file criminal charges of Fraud and theft with the police department and go on every website and let everybody know not to do business with AutoZone as they are moronic and absolute no professionalism whatsoever on any level all the way up.

Do yourself a favor if you do buy anything from them keep all the receipts and even though I was on camera Commander didn't say anything about it then ask the employee employee told me they he was going in the back to photocopy my receipt I told the manager that the next day he said we don't have a photocopier I said will any shots that employee right they were standing right there why you said that to me and the guy just didn't ask manything it's like they don't want to push buttons they don't want anybody to be knowing that they are thieves and it is a disgrace it is Corporate greed and laziness at its absolute worst the worst stereo typical greedy American company who is lazy in passes the buck and no one does anything it is almost sickening and offencive. Go to Napa and go to any other parts store as who wants to do business with these liars and cheats and lazy people who don't even return phone calls and keep sending the same email back to you even though you sent them the answers they ask for it is unfathomable that the employee people that are have the intellect of a 4th grader.

Beware to not do business with AutoZone again beware do not do business with AutoZone they are lazy corrupt liars and thieves all the way at the line.

Thanks for reading and I will be posting on every other media site until this is resolved and I will let you know and keep you informed and I'm sure the only reason it will be resolved is when I start getting feedback from all these sites and letters from the police department and consumer protection and a Better Business Bureau. They should be fine a lot of money and I can't see this lasting another 10 years the way they are going downhill Full Speed without brakes.

I guess as long as they get their little profit checks and their daily paychecks weekly paychecks they're happy but they don't actually have to work cuz most of them stand outside and smoke cigarettes and only help the women when they come in and flirt with them it is the most unprofessional corporate store I've ever seen in my life hands down.

Product or Service Mentioned: Duralast Battery.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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I bet you did not use the option to pay as a debit but as a "CHARGE". If you DID punch in your PIN and exercised the debit option, then you should have gotten cash back.

Otherwise, those that choose the charge option will have the funds placed back on the card in a few days. I have a debit card and I have both options, charge or debit, and know that many consumers don't understand the implication of either method.

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