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i got a wheeel berring hub assembly from auto zone, afer int=stalation drove it a bit seemd great, on way to work next day about 25 miles into drive after crossing railroad tracks aways back my front tire just flew off my truck , only part i was able to find was a stud that had matte metal and pinholes in the stud, returned to store 4 of the people working in the store saw it and commented on the fact it was defective for sure, Upon the claim i received a letter back after 3 monts of asking them what was happening that said claim denyed, the following was said in letter. The person who gave no name eyc said in his opinion that couldnt happen and the damage done was superficial and could of been done at any time by anything, the auto body place i got estimate from said $1800.00 to repair it, that's not superficial and all he need to do was look at the stud i had to send to them or they said they could not do a claim on it.

now they have my defective part and a opinion that it couldn't happen that way.

and auto zone claims it is out of their hands, even tho i purchased that from them....great way to run a place, blame the next guy and the next and the next.....oh and they had my ins co and photos of the damage, never once did they check with me to see what happened or even attempt to come look at it or anything. i never heard a word from them about anything except my letter of denial and an opinion from some one someplace some how ...

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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A lot of factors could have caused your wheel to fly off...

Improperly tightened lug nuts, suspension out of alignment, bad ball joint...

I have only ever had one wheel come completely off my vehicle, it was when my lower ball joint went out coming off a freeway off ramp.

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