Orange, California
Not resolved

I went to the auto zone in Orange California to get a part. The manager sent the driver to another store to get the part and told me that the driver would be right back.

I sat in the store for over an hour waiting on my part. I finally got tired of waiting and went up to the desk and asked how long before the driver was to be back. The employee told me that the driver returned about a half hour ago and then went to lunch. The employee went to the back and returned with my part.

At least 3 of the employees knew I was waiting on the driver to return with my part but did not care to tell me my part was there. About 3 weeks later me and my friend went to the same store to get oil for his truck. We asked the manager where we could take the used oil. The manager told us to bring the used oil back to the store and they would dispose of it.

When we returned with the used oil the same manager told us their oil drum was full and they could not take it. We had to take the used oil to jiffy lube and they were super nice to us and disposed of the oil.

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