Birmingham, Alabama

Long story. I own a company and buy a lot of parts from many vendors.

The nearest auto parts store is a AutoZone I was in this store 2 or 3 times a week to buy parts. All the employees at this store are black and the majority of the customers are black. The manager was always very professional and polite. Most of the employees at the counter were young ladies.

During several trips in the store I started noticing that the employees were very friendly and out going with the other black customers but when it was time to help me ( I am white) there outgoing personality would change to very little talk and a very rigid behavior toward me. This happened on at least a dozen of my trips to the store. One day I needed a belt, the young lady had been very out going with the previous black customers when it came time to wait on me that changed to no smile or friendly talk we looked up the belt on the computer and at that moment a black lady walked up behind me, her and the employee started talking like they were best friends that had not seen each other in 10 years. The employee walked away from the computer, left me standing there alone and started helping the older black lady that had just walked in the store.

I stood there for about 5 minutes and watched them walk through the store and get several items for this customer. They then went to a another terminal and started to check this lady out to pay for her items. I decided it was time for me to leave. As I drove back to my office the more I thought about what had just happened the more I got up set.

When I got back I called the AutoZone national 800 # to file a complaint. The young lady on the phone assured me that if I would return to the store they would take care of me. I chose not to return to the store. That afternoon I mentioned this to a young lady that works for me not telling her what store this had happened at that morning.

She says to me that happened to my son the other day at the AutoZone and named the exact same store. I told her it was the same store. We both shrugged it off and moved on. About 3 months later I am having a conversation with one of my long time customers and I mentioned to him the way I had been treated at a store in this town like I had never experienced before, and ended up leaving, because they would not assist me, with out mentioning the store he says that happened to me a few days ago at the AutoZone and named the same store.

Did I mention my employee and my customer are both white.

I think for this to happen at this same store this often is more than a coincidence. I have never been back in an AutoZone since the day I was not helped.

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Customer Care.

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