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Purchased a new battery from my neighborhood Auto Zone for a vehicle I was working on .The new battery sat next to the vehicle for about 5 months before the vehicle was totally ready to run however the new Battery was dead and would not accept a charge. Back at the store with receipt in hand and a smile the manager told me to hit the road.

All I wanted was a simple exchange.I spend a lot of cash in that store repairing vehicles but that made no difference. Assuming the Distrct manager will return my calls, Hope I'm not waisting my time, Vic, N. Phoenix P.S. Yes the Battery only had a 90 day warranty, yes, It was and is a DEFECTIVE part and I didn't know that fact until I put it in the vehicle.

A new unused part is just that, so what's the problem especially being I use that store exclusively for all of my customers and my personal vehicle repairs when needing new parts. A very large disappointment to be polite.

Product or Service Mentioned: Car Battery.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $75.

Preferred solution: Simply exchange this bad battery for the same..

AutoZone Cons: Return, Exchange or replace bad parts policies, Warranty policies.

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That's what happens when you buy a super cheap battery dude. Also, lead acid batteries can maintain a charge for 3 months and you should have put on a charger on tender. It is not Autozone's fault that you didn't think of doing that.


So because YOU didnt properly store the battery, Auto Zone should take the loss?? Jeez!!!

At what point are you EVER going to take responsibility of being an adult? PLEASE tell us all what LOGICAL argument YOU can present that would make someone lose their job to make YOU happy. When are YOU going to learn that as an adult there are times YOU have to eat your mistakes? You KNOW that a battery needs to be stored properly as someone who fixes vehicles.

Odds are that YOU DID NOT STORE IT RIGHT!!! So AutoZone should take the hit because YOU screwed up?

PLEASE tell us all WHY you should get SPECIAL TREATMENT Mr. Snowflake.


Hey anonymous, How about -uck you for starters and who the *** do you think you are talking to? I have probably forgotten more about vehicles and their parts than you will ever know and what do you think is improperly stored?

It was stored on my living room carpeted floor. How much more comfortable does a new batterey need to be? It was and still is a defective unit and if I don't get a replacement it will be tossed through their front window.

What is right and what is wrong doesn't change. So, mind your own business ***.85020

@carguy 54

".The new battery sat next to the vehicle for about 5 months"

it was not in your LR as you quoted above

it was prob on concrete

you still would've qualified for the pro=rated replacement value on new batt


I have to say that i'm very dissapointed at the racism in the hazleton dc. I have been employed for over 4 years and have perfect attendance to only treated unfair by the white people in this center.

You hear racis comments every week and no one does anything about it. I see the white people in easier jobs and doing nothing standing talking but as soon as a hispanic or black talks they get yelled at. yes, if you are hispanic or black you are looked at differently and treated differently.

I haven't left becuz i luv this job but this sucks, i will be looking for other jobs very soon me and my cousin and friend will be leaving. Shame on Autozone for this.

@regular warehouse autozoner

Take it up the ladder, document everything, make a list of witnesses that would back up your story, and most import of all if it is legal in your state to record them doing it with out their knowledge then do it. After all of that get a good lawyer or firm that specializes in workplace harassment.

No Autozoner should have to deal with that ***. I was in management for a long time and I've seen plenty of people like that get fired so it can happen, stay strong.

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