Los Angeles, California

As a Customer, I walked into autozone in 3453a W Ramsey St, Banning California and witness Brandon the store manager yelling at one of his employee in front of the customers and other employees and made her cry. I really wanted to kick his a**s.

he should have taken her in the back and talk to her, thats not the only time i seen him do that. he should be fired for treating his employees like that.

I WANT TO SEE HIM GONE.... He also yell at them for not buying right clothes, well in this state law, if employers forcing employees to buy clothes the employers are responsible for providing uniforms for the employees because of the state poverty line.

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Manager.

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Paying close attention to your complaint...I'm going to say the butler used the candlestick in the kitchen. Oh wait, what I MEANT to say is...you work for that store and you're either: really new, really old and getting pushed out the door slowly with cutbacks, already been written up, you know that your manager is super close with his manager, or you're just too chicken to actually say anything to anyone.

That would explain quite well why you have not contacted the company about the abuses you've witnessed.

Now, if I'm way off base...you're JUST as terrible as Brandon if not worse because you have done nothing for the employees.

I'm still betting that at the time you posted your complaint that you were an employee. If you honestly have that much compassion, there would have been no reason for you NOT to report him.


what an astounding example of ignorance and lack of education. for that matter, lack of mastery of the English language, you butcher of words.


I don't know if you did this already you take your complaint through the appropriate AZ channels starting with the District manager. *** about it here will get nothing done.


AHA! That's where AutoZone gets you!

As do most other retail chains. They have a dress code, but not a uniform. If it's a uniform, they have to provide it for employees. But if it's a dress code (you have to wear black pants and a grey shirt) the employee is responsible for buying it.

Cheap bastards haha.

This is why if you pay attention closely, many employees will not have "autozone" written on their shirt or anything like that, because it's just a grey shirt they bought at Walmart or wherever. You can buy official AutoZone stuff, but because it is not an official uniform, you have to buy it yourself.


Autozone has its own laws! So what is the labor law on sending non-excempt(hourly) team members 3 hrs away from their home store to a mandatory meeting and only paying them for their time at the meeting?

What about the 6 hr round trip?

Autozone says its part of the job? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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