Newark, New Jersey

Purchased new alternator for quality and reliability. Changed it out at night in a parking lot with a badly broken finger, a flat bar, large channel locks, vise grips, a hammer a few other unrelated tools.

In spite of being in intense pain due to the fracture and inappropriate tools I was able to remove the old unit and install the new one without any damage. At first test there was an audible whine from the new alternator. Having performing this swap in pain I was a bit pissed off with the whining and it being after 9pm so I had no choice but to accept it for moment and hope it went away.

Well it got worse.

I stopped by autozone and they said they would not honor the warranty for whining and it had to test faulty or I was *** out!

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Of course while you were installing the alternator you pulled the battery out and had them charge it up so that you didn't burn up the new alternator like the instructions clearly state didn't you!


go to the autozone where you purchased the alternator look to the right of the front door the district managers name and phone number is listed there, even if you damaged it using a flat bar, large channel locks, vise grips, a hammer a few other unrelated tools. they will replace it with out question, if the dm does not help (very unlikely) you call the regional manager listed ps whining is usually caused by improper installation


You must b a parts changer and not a mechanic. The whining is from the bearings not installation.


Are you sure the loud whining isn't coming from you?


Under perfect working conditions like that it should have been a perfect install. You either have the belt misaligned or you should have used belt dressing.

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