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Duralast Brand sucks and my experience trying to get replacements was a very trying experience.

I've bought Duralast starters, Water Pumps, Brakes and other parts for my cars. Duralast may be lifetime warrantied parts ...but, by means that you have to change the parts out every time they fail! My most recent purchases were a starter that only lasted 3 weeks, and Front Disc Brake pads that only lasted about 3 weeks. The starter left me stranded on the other side of town. The Brake pad liner came off one of the pads while I was coming down the Freeway, and destroyed my rotor and hardware ...but, Could have welded up and killed me in an accident. I was sent to multiple stores to get all these parts again and all but the another set of pads was at my own expense for brake parts that were destroyed by failure of their endorsed brand Duralast.

...If more of their customers would speak out, the parts quality control would improve? "A shut mouth will not get fed!"

I will never shop for anything at Autozone again.

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Ok duralast is a licenced name. Not a product.

Bosch a German company makes duralast brakes, wells a us. Company makes ignition stuff Johnson controls makes the batteries, ancco makes the wipers.

Get it? I'm also calling bullsh** on your story


if your brake pads lasted only 3 wks and fell off while you were driving and not braking then calipers are stuck. do your brakes right and not slap em on.



beware of any parts made in China, They buy them because they are cheap and sell them at cheap prices - they do not hold up and do not meet OEM specs. If you get injured or injure someone else due to these failures - good luck trying to get compensated from that Chinese company.

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