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I am taking the time to write this in hopes that it will help someone that was not as fortunate as I was. I have faithfully frequented Auto Zone stores for over 20 years now.

I liked the availability and warranty of their auto parts. In this particular incidence, I purchased four ignition coils. Not long after installation, my car began to have troubles. After a period, the Toyota Dealership informed me that it was a “misfire” stemming from coil two.

I paid to have the coil replaced and returned the part to Auto Zone on South Monroe, Tallahassee, Florida. At this time, the manager informed me that there were only three coils entered under my name. I did not understand this because I purchased four but did not sweat it because I did not expect to have to be concerned. After a few days, I had to return to the Toyota Dealership because the same problem re-surfaced.

This time the Dealership informed me that the other coils were bad and needed to be replaced. I needed my transportation so I paid for the service and took the other three coils back to Auto Zone. This is where the real problem began. The same manager was at the store.

He told me that he remember telling me the last time that there were only three total coils under my information. He could only give me a refund for two additional coils since there was no information for the fourth. I informed him that I would return with proof of purchase (bank statement). A couple of days later, I returned to the store with proof of purchase.

The person that was serving me called this same manager to the front for assistance. I presented my proof of purchase so the manager asked another worker to force the return. When the worker was unable to complete this action, he called the manager back up for assistance. It appeared to me that the manager became perturbed at this point.

I was initially at one computer, the manager started working on the refund at a different computer so I moved to that computer. He quickly pressed some keys that listed my car as a 1999, which was incorrect. I informed him that my car was a 2003. He proceeded with the incorrect information which listed my refund as $79.99.

He walked off and told the worker to complete the transaction. I asked why was I being refunded $79.99 when my proof of purchase stated $107.48? The worker called the manager back up. The manager appeared escalated and informed me that at this point, without a receipt, this was all he could do.

I informed him of my proof of purchase which he replied to by saying he was just doing what he was trained to do and gave me the impression that I had just better take this and be happy. At this point (after being in the store with this issue for an hour), I realized that he just did not want to refund my money. I asked for the number of his manager. He acted as though he was going to give it to me but proceeded to talk to someone that he addressed as “boss” on the phone.

At this point, I did not believe the phone call to be a real phone call. He started saying things like “she has a bank statement dated…, I have never heard of a coil costing $99 any way, etc.”. I asked if I needed to get my receipt from the refund a couple of days ago with the $99 rate if he needed it so he could mirror the transaction even though my statement had the transaction number on it. He “got off the phone” and went to another computer (why he kept switching computers was suspect to me).

I saw him enter the 1999 for the year of my car again so I informed him that that may be the issue to which he replied “at this point, you’re getting cash back so it doesn’t matter”. I do not understand why this had to be so difficult. I understood when I didn’t have proof of purchase (even though I depended on it to be in the computer) but after I brought in proof, why would the manager have an attitude, try to cheat me, and exhibit such unprofessional behavior? Could this be an issue with many others?

How many people have been cheated and mistreated? Is one of the employees falsifying information related to purchase and refunds? It makes me have concern, not only for myself, but also for the many hard working people that frequent this store and the owners of the store.

I was informed that the manager’s name was Rudy Sims. Buyer and owner beware!

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Work on customer service..

AutoZone Cons: Customer service.

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I am a former autozone worker there parts are junk , i no longer work there i started feeling guilty of ripping so many people off , go to napa yes parts cost more but they are better quality

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