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I don't understand if you guys at auto zone are just not trained in battery testing or if you guys just to care enough to inform you customers the truth about batteries. I understand you are in business to sell batteries.

Please stop lying to your customers. If a battery is in the wheel well of a car, you cant test the battery from the jump post. If a battery is 12.2 volts that doesn't make it a bad battery. Stop telling people that their battery is bad if the battery isn't fully charged.

Any test you do to a battery that isn't fully charged will give you a fail report.


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I work providing roadside assistance and primarily handle mobile battery service calls. Battery testers when used properly are able to provide accurate results regardless of the state of charge. To get accurate results the battery terminals must be clean and tight, testing should not be done through jumpstart posts especially if the condition of the battery terminals can not be verified such as with a vehicle whose battery is located in a wheel well like many Chrysler products.

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