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Update by user Dec 07, 2014

Kudos to Autozone! They replaced the batteries free of charge! My faith in humanity is restored!

Original review posted by user Nov 28, 2014

I purchased two duralast batteries for a power wheelchair at Autozone. They were working fine.

I tried to charge the chair yesterday and the batteries would not take a charge at all. I brought the batteries back to Autozone. I did not save the receipt but they were able to look the purchase up on their computer with my bank card. There was only a 3 month warranty which was up less than two weeks ago.

The manager refused to do anything for me. Completely unbelievable. What kind of company is this???? Ive tried calling the regional office, hopefully they will respond.

Also of interest, when we purchased the batteries the associate made a mistake and I was only charged for one of them. I noticed this when I had gotten home and called the store. I promptly went back to the store and paid for the second battery.

We are honest people. It is so unfortunate that I cannot say the same for Autozone!

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $120.

AutoZone Cons: Incompetence, Defective parts.

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I've seen people try to buy AutoZone batteries for wheelchairs before, the only ones you could be referring to are meant for lawnmowers. Just because they are about the same size does not make it a good battery for that application.


I won't even buy there lifetime warranty *** from China autozone is for old Junkers use global auto parts


What is wrong with you? Would you drink milk that is 2 weeks past the expiration date?

Try sending your income taxes 2 weeks after april 15th. Let me know if uncle sam thinks it's OK. Rules are rules,why are you exempt?

What makes you so special that you should get a longer warranty? WHAT THE *** IS WRONG WITH YOU?

@Extented warranty

Your a ***. The company was wrong and they fixed it.


How are they dishonest for not honoring an expired warranty???????????????????? Expired is expired!


Same goes for you!

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