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I bought life time warranty brake pads. They wore and needed replaced.

Your sales person said you need to present the old pads first. I said sir I only have this vehicle. May I purchase the same pads that are on my car. Then I will return with the old ones and you can exchange my old pads for my money back on the ones I buy now.

He said no. This good be a good fair honest way to honor your warranty while protecting yourself in this situation. Instead you force your customer into bothering family and friends for a ride to the store. Just plain rediculous.

This policy absolutely is not putting the customer first. And before you lie to me like your sales associate did. This has not always been the policy. I've been a true autozone customer since 1991.

I know exactly what kind of decent policies you use to have.

I'm not a guy that's fond of switching company's but I'm prepared to spend my remaining years buying from orielys if you don't smarten up and make policies that are doable for your customers. After all, you wouldn't even have a business if it were not for your customers

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Customer Care.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Preferred solution: I feel strongly about this and want it taken serious. Asking for money only makes it look like a free bee chaser. I want no money. Be fair and change your policy or loose a customer.

AutoZone Cons: Warranty policies.

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you get a great deal but you don't want to abide by the agreement of the manufacturer of the deal maybe you should ask more questions before you buy if you think this isn't fair then keep buying ones with no warranty instead and get no warranty


I work for a store in New York and we absolutely have no problem with the transaction you wanted. It only takes a matter of seconds to find a warranty and sell the same pads, when the customer is finished with the repair, they can return the old ones for a full refund.

I don't understand why that was such a problem for that particular store. That type of transaction is the norm for a customer with one vehicle.

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