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I've got a 93 ford ranger 4.0 l automatic i bought a radiator from auto-zone on 10/23/2011 i started running hot so i bought a water pump still didn't fix problem so i went down the line thermostat, heater core them sensor come to find out the radiator was bad had a small leak so on 10/26/2011 they swapped out radiator's with me worked fine till12/28/2011 the 2ND one sprung a leak in side the night manager at 8 pm helped me replace the new one we both checked oil no water in oil he told me to drive it home and see how it does so i did got up next morning checked oil there was water i contacted the daytime manager Albert at said store he gave me head set and stretch bolts per the district manager Donnie Morgan, i took heads to have cleaned when i got them back was shown there were 2 3/4 inch cracks one in each head i never had a problem till the radiators replaced things i didn't have to the only solution they gave is to knock off 100.00 per head and reimburse me for parts i didn't need, they knew it could have caused more damage that's why they were so quick to replace the gasket set the district manager Donnie Morgan said there was no way the radiator could cause the heads to crack, i contacted 2 ford dealers in Knoxville the svc managers at ted Russell ford and lance Cunningham ford as well as ford motor company in dear born Mich all agreed yes the radiators being bad could have had a trickle down effect blowing the gaskets and when the manager at auto-zone told me at last install to drive it home IT still ran hot i will never buy anything else from auto-zone and reporting them to better business and seeking legal action

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Manager.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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Go back to school and take your english class again, pathtic grammer!!


"Go back to school and take your English* class again;* pathetic grammar*!"


Just these past few weeks, I have had over 3k in damage from a bad Auto Zone battery. Too much ampage is what my nissan service guy said.

Auto Zone is blaming me for putting the battery cables on backwards. Not rocket science although I am a girl (this is what im thinking they are thinking). I was married to a race car driver and have had multiple boyfriends who do their own work. When I started my car, the engine revs to 6-7k rpm.

In PARK. The battery is completely drained and I purchased it a month ago. They aren't done hearing from me.

Im getting a complete report from Nissan, talking to the actual battery company and calling Auto Zone corp office. I will NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM AUTO ZONE EVER AGAIN.


Hey Johnny,I feel bad for you,I had same junk parts problems from Autozone as well,the problem is that your going to spend more money going to battle with these guys than its worth.I wish you luck,someone needs to burn there ***!


Yep blew my trans with their leaking piece of *** radiator,coolant blended with trans fluid


for the last time the temp gauge floated up and down IT NEVER OVERHEATED had all the fluides it was a pin hole in gasket caused by parts purchased took it to lance cunningham ford dealer they are the ones that made that call so all you home macanics kiss my *** i know what the ford plant in dearborn michacian as well as the dealer told me


It always gets me that the guy that knows everything about cars never knows how to check a temperature guage. This is coming from a guy that would never step into an Auto Zone I'm too smart for that.


If you drove a car that was overheating, that's your fault. As an ASE certified cylinder head machinist, I can tell you with 100% certainty that a cracked radiator WILL NOT cause a head gasket to crack unless you let it run out of coolant, and drive it while it's overheating.

It takes severe neglect on the driver's part for a leaking radiator to cause such damage.

I'm no fan of auto parts stores, but they did a whole lot more for you than any parts store I've ever heard of. I'd be grateful and next time maybe don't drive a car that's overheating.


The radiator was the cause of the problem.


you did the work man, you should have checked the fluids, autozone swaped it out and done more than i would have done for you be happy


ypur such a dumb assurmom you dont know chit so ***


Anyone knowingly drive a vehicle with over heating problems of any sort showed have expected engine problems. You should always check your vehicles fluids before operating if suspect an issue that's just common spence. And what the ford dealership lack to tell you is a bad radiator it's self will not crack your heads it's when you overheat your engine that's what does the damage that's basic mechanics.


no a small leak wich allowed the temp gage to bounce i never said it ran hot and ford motor company spoke person sait with 2 bad raditors it could have made a small part of the head gaskets burn in wichg bam you have hot spots to crack heads


The only way to damage a car with a bad radiator, is if YOU drive the car AFTER all the fluid has leaked. In which case you would clearly see the liquid forming a pool under your car.

YOU let it leak out, YOU drove the car anyway, YOU will fix it yourself. This is YOUR fault.


If the transmission cooler fails in the radiator, it can damage the transmission as the fluid is dumped into the radiator and the vehicle may not run hot at all. This happened to me. I was not aware of anything wrong until the transmission failed.

This was with a new Autozone radiator.

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