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A customer stands in line 20 to 30 minutes, there are employees sometimes working in the back, but they leave you standing even if there are no more than 2 or 3 customers, do not give correct diagnois for battery or altanator, some are not patient with you, the customer is alredy upset because of auto problems , I guess they are wo.rking in the back, how muc They are not very helpful are efficient, need better mangement? I purchased an old automobile because I lost my job an I am on Unemployment, it is a 1992 Ford Taurus, bad enough you cannot get a decent mechanic, but to go to an acredited dealer in auto parts etc, and get ripped in front of your face is bad business.

Truthfully speaking.

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Its customers like you that make working at AZ tough. Im a psm and i do my best to help people out but your one of those guys that knows nothing about cars, and has no business working on them.

You come in wanting a diagnosis on every single thing we can check. You want US to figure out your problem. And when it comes down to hey it might be this or it might be that. You just want to buy a part and try it out and bring it back if it doesnt fix your problem.

We dont operate like that and i dont want to sell used parts. If you install it, its yours, unless theres a manufacture issue and it doesnt match up, or you were sold the wrong part. And yeah, were usually very under staffed.

But no one has ever waited 30 mins for anything. Ever.

Of course every business has their *** employees, you cant help that anywhere. Theres a few at my store id love to lose. But not every AZ employee can be based off your breif, first time visit into a parts store. I have busted my *** in my store, ive never called in, and ive never been late more than 3 mins.

Maybe instead of posting nonsence you should get off the computer and go find a job, save a little and buy a good running car, or save some money for when you need a mechanic. Autozone is not a mechanic shop.

We are a DIY parts store. If you cant DIY then go to a mechanic, its as simple as that.


Got to Walmart and buy fire extinguisher and then blame them when you house is on fire. Get the point?

They are not there to fix your ragged *** car! They sell the parts you ask for. They have nothing to do about the parts fixing your car or not. You go there for the free services and get exactly what you paid for.

How is that getting ripped off? What does your being on unemployment have to do with what they sell?


Im a autozoner and i will admit, what we do in the back is BS and criticize every customer we see walking in.. And the angrier you look the more we will make you wait.

We actually hope you leave the store as soon as possible. That way we have more time BS in the back or even in the front.

Its just the Zoner way.


bonzz its *** like you that give autozone a bad name atleast the rest of them have a valid reason for his complaint and can justify why


You say these stores are under staffed!? I went in the other day to get a quart of oil, I was the only customer in there one salesman was on the phone the other just standing there, I took the oil to the register and the one that was doing nothing saw and decided it was time to go to the back and *** with who ever was back there talking about tee shirts I stood waiting there for abot 5 mins during that time 2 other guys came in with an altenator this *** comes from the back looks at me then turns to the other guys and says "what ya got there an altenator?" I called over to him "excuse me I've been waiting here to pay for this." the old buzzard ignored me and continued helping the guys that came in after me.

What the *** kind of service is that!!! I'm done with this store, I go to advance auto now they are kind and extremly helpful.


And I have worked in the very busiest and most understaffed AutoZones on the planet, and no one has EVER waited for 20 or 30 minutes. I've run and staffed a store by myself for hours at a time because another employee didn't show up, and NEVER has anyone waited for half an hour. Complaints about businesses are valid, but exaggeration isn't necessary.


Agreeing with previous comments, most of the people you see "in the back" are working in the commercial department, which services mechanics in the area and therefore have their own workload which is set aside from the retail counter. Even beyond that, it's a retail store.

Selling parts and helping customers is what brings in the money of course, but you can't ignore all of the work that goes into making that possible. Shelves need to be stocked, recalls need to be done, new planograms (shelf and tag arrangement) need to be set up which can take hours, orders need to be placed, paper work needs to be monitered and filed, returns need to be processed and restocked, conference calls, product transfers to and fro, problems need to be followed up on, things need to be cleaned, etc.

Picture an entire store being staffed at any given time by 2 or 3 people and you get the idea. There is an infinite list of things to be done, and to better serve the overall customer base, sometimes one employee needs to let the other employee take care of the line of customers while he or she attends to the all of the things that make helping those customers possible.


So if you go to the store and bring th food home and burn it you going to blam the store...you buy what you need ***.

People are so dumb these days. How the heII are you going to blam a parts store for telling you what part you need.

Ya and its the goverments fault you don't have a job right?



Autozone is a parts store, not a mechanics shop. If you want a proper diagnosis, why are you going to a retail store?

You want your car diagnosed right, go to a professional mechanic that has ASE Certification. Autozone is not an accredited dealer, no such accreditation exists for the selling of auto parts.


How did you get ripped off? You went there for hopefully a FREE diagnoses and repair on your car.

It's not their fault you lost your job and have to drive an old car. Those people in the back were most likely commercial employees and don't have anything to do with those waiting at the counter.

You go to AutoZone for automotive diagnoses and you get what you paid for: You paid nothing and you get nothing. Next time got to a shop and see if they'll look at your car, for free, right away.


Not to completely defend them, because most AutoZones are understaffed, both most stores have employees in the back working in what's called a Commercial department. They deal exclusively with Repair Shops and Dealerships, which is why they're not out front helping customers.

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