Beloit, Wisconsin

Going on to alternator number 4!!!!!! For me it's been both autozone and advanced. Sick of it beyond belief! My replacements have within the span of a year. I've been told by mechanics that autozone and advanced electronics are junk. Well I'm going try an import shop next. It's the time and money that I'm wasting that really ticks me off. I drive a 1990 volvo 240 do and it's the ideal car for work and it's simple to work on. The time for replacement of the alternator is getting down to an hour. That's out and in. What really did it for me was that the last one I got was tested in front of me and it passed. Four days later it went kaput!

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you sir are an *** stop buying Chinese junk and buy a quality alternator, your car has additional problems that need to be addressed and it's more than the alternator


Sounds to me that there is something wrong with your car and it is killing alternators.You do realize that it is the year 2014 and your car is 24 years old.A 1990 Volvo 240 is ideal for the scrap yard,not a daily driver.

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