Coventry, Connecticut

WITTDTJR (What It Takes To Do The Job Right) is a waste of money. COC is a joke. Is always some kind of fuel injector cleaner. We had Fix-a-Flat a month or two ago. Because everyone gets a flat regularly. This month is flashlights. Half of them don't work or are broken. Borrowed one for engine check at night, had to beat it on the sidewalk for it to work. Terrible products. High prices for cheap, poor quality products. Every part I've bought for my own car has failed or didn't fit. Reman alternators and starters fail right out of the box, and Duratester is a joke, false or incorrect readings all the time. We been waiting on a Charger/Tester battery unit for over a month since our old one failed and stopped charging or testing correctly. Red chargers are failing too. No way to charge Optima or AGM.

The new check engine computer is awful. Doesn't tell you what the problem is, just wants to sell you parts. Instead of sending us terrible junk, send us a a Solus scanner. Instead of sending us to Google to find parts, UPDATE THE ZNET SYSTEM. Yes, that's right. When we can't find parts in our own computer system, we go to Google. Every other part I look up is NYA (not yet available) aka Autozone can't be bothered to add the parts to the online catalog. We don't have info on oil weight anymore. Check your oil cap or owner's manual because our computer does not list it. If your vehicle is late 2013, early '14 or newer, don't bother. We don't have parts for that either. Coolant type/color? Don't have it. Tranny fluid? Don't have it. U joints for a 04 Silverado? Bring it in bc there's literally half a dozen possible U-joints listed.

"Autozone (place), this is (name), What're you working on?" Yes, we have to say that. Yes, it sounds dumb. "What're you working on?" "...I was wondering what time you close..." Autozone wants to "embrace the culture" or something..? Try doing more car events. Be a bit more considerate to the fact that we'r working on cars. White undershirts? Really?! All my thermal undershirts are covered in stains from changing batteries or whatever else. We need black undershirts so we don't look so grimy and unkempt.

"Yes we've got it" HAH. Yes we've got it but you gotta drive an hour north on I91 to another store. Yes we've got it but it's VDP only and vendor is out of stock. Yes we've got it if you want to wait a week. Yes we've got it but only if you give me VIN for vehicle, License #, Phone #, SSN, first born child.

My store has no cameras but not in the best area so people steal constantly and our qty is a mess. Warranties are a mess, especially when someone has multiple numbers. Trying to locate parts under warranty. Trying to combine warranty accts so that everything is together. Reading part numbers IN the warranty. Store managers for my district got moved around. Old manager never did anything. MNDR took ALL DAY for SM, took 15 minutes for PSM's. Schedule took ALL DAY (10hrs+) for SM. For new SM, is 3-4hrs max. But new SM pushes WITT, COC, Rewards, and is an absolute ***. I've been w/ AZ for 9 months. PSM's see how much and how hard I work, compliment my effort. I go out of my way to pick up hours, cover shifts for everyone. But I try to just switch shifts and get a morning open instead of night close, and nobody can do it. I work truck til I'm sweating so much I have to take a shower before I can go to my night class. Evals come up, and SM might as well laugh in my face. 11cent raise. Min wage is going up to $10 in January. Would bet my 11cents that my pay will go back to min wage instead of going to $10.11 or better. You work your *** off and get spit on. I love my redshirt coworkers and a couple grey shirts. But cannot deal with customer attitude. Tell me "I know you have it in stock!" Look at the computer, it says it right there. 0 in stock, 1 Available @ Hub. "But I bought one last week!" No sht sherlock. You bought it Saturday. This is tuesday. Truck is Wednesday and your *** does not qualify for Hub Replenishment. Available at another store, gtfo out my face.

Coworker red shirt been working there 2 years. He was passed up for full time. SM was going to ask me, decided I wouldn't want it without asking. Another red shirt, been w/ company 5 years, also passed up for full time. Short staffed all the time. Hours got cut but yet hired another p.t. red shirt.

Commercial has about 50 hrs/week. Commercial is severely understaffed also. Our store covers 4 or 5 towns, and at least 2 accts are a 45min drive one way. CSM is full, which leaves 10hrs for commercial. Hard to provide to all our accts when we don't have the hours to have more than one person on commercial.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Too funny.


Its sounds exactly like the *** that happens in our store in Michigan. Computers are junk, slow and outdated!

I loved your comment about the Fix A Flat, that's exactly what I thought about that frickin COC! Our "manager" has written up people for stuff that someone else was responsible for....SMH! And then, she does the same thing and thinks it ok. She's more worried about Facebook and her acct.

I just wish the DM's would listen to us "little" people when we have a complaint but they are just as pre-occupied as the store manager. If I had a dollar everytime I had to re-boot those computers I'd be rich and wouldn't have to work here anymore.

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