Cedar Hill, Texas

I arrived at Autozone and ask the associate if he could check my battery. He came out to the car to test it.

He didn't want to because he stated, "it's too cold." So he told me I needed my battery charged. I ask him will he charge it. He stated, "since you got it from WalMart, you may want to take it back there." I said no I want you guys to charge it. Well he comes back to tell me that he can't charge it because I didn't buy it from there.

I have been getting my battery charged at Autozone for the last couple years. I thought maybe it was something new the company started.

So I called every other location in the Shreveport area and they all said it didn't matter where the battery came from they would charge it. He didn't want to do it because he was cold.

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They just wouldn't charge mine either. Said it was dead.

But how do you know its dead if you won't charge it?

You have to charge it to see if it will hold the charge to know if it's dead or not. Autozone is the worst.


I have been going to Autozone for as long as I remember. I have used them almost exclusively, as they loan tools, have physically installed a new battery and wipers for me (I did not even ask them to), and have always given me good service.

I am always prepared, either with the old part in my hand or know what I need. I very rarely have a problem with their parts. The staff is always helpful, to the point of referring me or calling another parts store for me. Maybe I just have a great store (Pahrump, NV).

However, the O' store wouldn't accept a return of a part I bought the day before, as I was not prepared, and didn't have the receipt on me.

When I entered I held the part up, with an O' brand to show that I was coming in with it.

However, the counter person said I may have stolen the part, which really pissed me off as it was a $3 part, and an uncalled for thing to say. I returned the next day with my receipt and I told them I would never return, due to the lack of courtesy displayed by their employee.


its not their car or their battery so it is up to you to change your own battery. they don't have to do it they only offer it as a courtesy so quit being lazy and if you don't want to do it then take it a shop and pay someone to do it. sick of people wanting everything for free :( :( :( :( :( :( :(


Quit being a cheap *** and buy a quality battery, or better yet buy a *** battery charger and do it yourself. Why are there so many lazy people who think they are entitled to have a company do free services for them when they didn't even purchase the product from said company.

It's *** customers like yourself that drive prices up, trying to take advantage of free services than *** about it because they wouldn't help you. Hope you read this and rethink your attitude of "the world owes me something."

@voice of reson


I would think that a store could reasonably be expected to perform a free service they prominently advertise on their website as being a free service.

John N

Not too sure why you would have your battery charged these past couple of years. Why?

Also, why would you go to AutoZone to get a battery charged that you bought somewhere else? AutoZone has to make a profit and you want something for free. What are you, a liberal? Go to WalMart and buy a new battery.

But, be aware that the battery you get at WalMart is not as good as one you will get at AutoZone. Even things like Goodyear tires sold at WalMart are not the same quality as Goodyear tires sold at Goodyear. Most products sold at WalMart are made to WalMart's specs which are lower in order for them to sell cheaper.

Cheaper price equals cheaper products. Caveat Emptor!(look it up).

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