Lodi, New Jersey

I worked at Autozone for almost a year before I decided I had enough. I was hired full time and told my experiencd as a mechanic would be welcomed.

6 months later, my full time status consisted of being scheduled for 25 hours a week. Everyone I worked with knew little to nothing about cars or the parts they sell. You are required to push reward cards on everyone and sell as much junk as possible. If you sell brake pads, you must sell the customer rotors, caliper grease, brake clean, hardware kits, etc.

Customers were usually nice with the exception of the occasional ***. The way they evaluate your performance is not based on your ability to perform the job, but on how many employees you backstab. If you refuse to stab a coworker in the back, then they set you up so they can fire you. The management cuts your hours and refuses to order supplies, because it affects the amount of a bonus they recieve.

Upper management act like bratty children. If you desire upper management as a career, my advise you can do much better elsewhere. Middle and upper management have no personal life. The job does not allow a human to support a family.

Pay is horrible. I think McDonalds hires employees with a higher starting pay. I left my job worki.g for Autozone and am making more than double an hour.

My advise to anyone thinking of working for this scummy company, look elsewhere. There are better jobs whers the pay is better, hours are available, and management is not ignorant.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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