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I am a former red shirt at autozone. I was a commercial driver full time.

I enjoyed working for the company but the management at my store was freaking horrible! I was an excellent employee, I would show up to work on time everyday if they needed me to stay late, I did all my deliveries in a safe timely manner and I answered the phones when they rang. I was promissed a commercial specialist position (the commercial managers assistant manager basically). My *** manager gave my position to someone else in the store who had never actually work in commercial before.

But the day I walked out of my store I got 3 write ups for stuff that happen 2 weeks to 3 months prior. I was written up for calling in sick to work (only my second time calling in sick after working there for 6 months) and I was written up for being late when it was my store manager that was late getting to work to open the store. How am I suppose to clock in if the opening manager isnt there? And the third write up was because it took me to long on a delivery.

I even called when I got to my last shop (it takes 20 min to get to this shop from the store, I had two in town deliveries to do before going there). Something else was we had a management change when that happend the new manager refused to give me a saturday off. I worked three months without a saturday. I am a single parent that recieves no government help.

When I said something to my manager about getting a saturday off she laughed at me. I really did enjoy working for the company I have worked for autozone two different time in two different states. The state I am in now is run horribly. So I really think it all depends on your management.

The company is a good company that cares about there employees. Its the people they put in management that sucks.

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