Los Angeles, California

I started working at auto zone foley Alabama, first day they sent me to their store for so called orientation sat me down in door outside women's bathroom to listen to DVD on TV orentation. After so called orientation, put me on phone test to take customer calls, told me to answer phone what are we working on today, and manger said that's the way we are to answer phone ,he manerger said I do it my way what are you working on today.

Manerger said that's another one of my good ideals for A jam up job? Then he started singing were goner do a jam up job jam up job a jaming up job a jam up job hey jam with man with the jam up job who your trying to jam,i look at him like is he gone crazy?

He just went on singing Iam a jam up autozone man with a jam up job 'JAMING UP JOB ? The truth.

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