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I just got back from Iraq befor i got back my car was wrecked by a frend. So once I returned home I bought a new car with the money I had made while on deployment.

I visited my local Autozone Needing a valvecover gasket for a small leak on my new to me 2002 Isuzu Rodeo.

The "AUTOZONER" who helped me had 12 years of experince or so I was told after the fact, but I asked for a gasket, he told me that they didnt have any in stock that they would have to order some that it would take a few weeks to come in. But he has some additive that i could add to the oil to seal any leaking gaskets or seals.

We walked to the back of the store and he showed me 6 or 7 different items and slected a bottle of Bar\'s/18 oz. liquid copper block seal, intake and radiator stop leak, and that he "GUARANTEES" it to work to add it to the oil while the car is running just like an additive the leak should stop in 5 to 10 mins.

When I got home I did as the "Autozoner" instructed me to do within 3 min's the engin made a loud knock and then just died, it would turn over but would not start. so I left it as it was befor something broke.

When I whent back to the store and toled the "Autozoner" what had happend they said that it was an honest mistake that i should have used STP/14.5 oz. engine stop leak or someting close to it.

After some searching I got the number to the district manger or should I say the district mangers voice mail. After 2 days I get a call back from the district manger she then started telling me that the autozoner that had sold me the product had no recallection of our transation or the product. But she asures me that if he had sold me the product that he would have told me to read the directions and would have never guarnted a product for something that it was never ment to be used for and that it was my fault.

so after tracking and looking i foulnd the number to the main office in Memphis Tn. after a few calls with 2 other mangers it was determand that it was my fault that i should have read the instructions.

When it comes to a socalled experts advice where does the libility really lie? now im out a means of transportation looks like i will have to take another deployment to iraq agean to get a nother car.

thanks autozone

The total damage is $1,500.00-$1,800.00 for a rebuilt engin befor tax and shiping of the new engin and labor.

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You are the one working on your car not the guy making $8 an hour. If you bought a Mcdonalds hamburger and were told the proper way to eat it was to shove it in your rectum would you? They ar not responsible for fixing your car you are.


You are responsible for your car read the directions.


is it so hard to read the label?? if he told you to drink the stuff would you?? god people are so ***.


The bottle clearly states in big bold letters right on the front that it is a Cooling System Radiator Stop Leak & to pour it directly into your RADIATOR! are you blind?

how else could you miss that? Try thinking for yourself, don't expect everyone else to do it for you.


thanks, but its my job no thanks needed. but any ways im not saying that he is a mech. my whole point is that he said trust me i garentee it to work and when it didnt he acted like he didnt even rember me and tryed to play it off like he had no clue what i was talking about.


P.S. Most Autozones will give you a 10% military discount with your valid military ID.



Sorry, brother, he's not an expert. Some people at autozone know alot about certain things, but don't expect every autozoner to be an expert. We are not mechanics.

Thank your for serving in Iraq by the way, and God bless.


im not a mechainc. i dont know thats why i took his word becous he was the expert.


Seriously!! We get blamed all the time for people doing *** stuff.


You're supposed to add that stuff to your radiator.

However, it won't help your valve cover leak... I have no idea why he would recomend that. A valve cover you just have to fix. You could have got some silicone in the mean time, but it probably wouldn't help much.

Dude, it's your fault.


Unfortunately, that's what happens when people listen to counter drones when it comes to technical matters with cars. Liquid copper block seal was added to crankcase oil in cars bought in the Cash-for-Clunkers deal to disable the engines.


well i dont know any thing about automotive related issues. so when the "expert" says trust me i garuntee it will work .. you kinda think he knows what hes talking about so dont judge me.


OMG you have got to be kidding me!! Why don't you just read the label instead of trying to blame everyone for your ignorance! People like you are the reason we all have to pay SUPER HIGH PRICES!

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