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I DROVE my car to Autozone today to have my battery & alternator tested due to a faulty alternator code. An employee came outside with me & placed his tester behind my battery leads & advised me that my alternator is perfect but my battery is DEAD???

WHAT?? My battery is dead yet I was still able to start my car & drive it across town?? How did I restart it when we got back outside to test it?? How did I restart it to leave the parking lot??

This employee then advised me that the alternator powers the car & not the battery!! He claimed that I needed to come in & buy a battery ASAP!! He never even tested the alternator!! Now, he messed up when he thought he could get away with it because I'm a female!!

I obviously know how a car works better than the employees of auto zone!! So here I am, still starting & driving my car around town with a DEAD BATTERY!! I must have magic that I'm unaware of that powers up the car & alternator!!! Watch me start my car & drive off with my DEAD BATTERY!!!

Maybe next time I can come in with a missing engine!! SMFH

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Vehicle Inspection.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Sure, assuming that a female is dumb is not right, but I must say... based on this analysis, you are a bit dumb.

The tester that AutoZone uses is a $1,500 piece of equipment that is used by dealerships as well. It tests batteries via a load test and alternators by measuring the fluctuation of power going to the battery. The purpose of a battery is to start the vehicle and operate electronic components when the alternator is off. As such, it is still possible that a battery can start a vehicle even if it is dead.

I've commonly seen batteries at 12.19 V @ 0% start a vehicle. I've even had a vehicle start at 0.89 volts once due to residual energy (I did confirm this with a multimeter!)


Your battery could've had a bad cell. Those testers put a load on whatever they're testing to see if it's giving out enough juice.

If the tester said bad then your battery is dying if not dead already. Don't be a *** unless you know forsure what you're talking about.


The gadget AutoZone uses checks the voltage from alternator by plugging in the battery terminals. If the battery is dead or under undercharged, you will not be able to get a reading on the alternator.

The car does run on the alternator not the battery. Maybe so some research before bashing people for doing there job!


So true the alternator does run the vehicle , WHEN IT IS STARTED FROM THE BATTERY, absolutely foolish to say your battery is dead, maybe weak and dying but not dead, its all in the wording.


The guy read what the machine told him plain and simple. You can have a battery with a dead or weak cell and it will still start the car.

Kinda like having cancer but not dead yet, get that? My god...Why didn't you go to a shop a pay the $95 diagnosis?

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