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If you could please help me ? My name is Kelly Bouma and my wife's car 05 Mercury Mountaineer 4.0 was having a charging problem .

I build muscle cars from scratch and capable of fixing 98% of car issues .

Battery was 1 year old and tested fine . Alt was not charging so I still had receipt from 2013 when I bought a duralast alternator and covered under warranty . Put that one on and still no charging .

Was scratching my head and talked to ford mechanic at work , looked at forum for trouble shooting , than brought it to a mechanic in the area . At this point have 4-5 hours into it testing all areas from fuses, wire looms , up to PCM. So we had feeling that NEW alternator was BAD out of box . So took it off and had it bench tested at Autozone #4402 6650 Grand Ave Gurnee , IL 60031 .

847 855-1954 Employee tested it and slip Alternator test good slip was handed to me . Put it back on and continued to test more up to the PCM . Exhausted my expertise and another mechanic , now 6-7 man hours we call Mike at Gage's Lake Auto and told him all we did . Before he replaced PCM at a hefty bill he test a lot more and ended up trying a new Alternator from NAPA auto parts .

That did the trick , but between the new alt and labor was 449.65 not including the 6-7 man hours that I had back and forth with testing it was really getting silly at this point at my expense . Not to mention my wife was without a vehicle for 3 days . Didn't want to mess around to get reimbursed for this mess so I call Corperate office in Millwaukee Wis. Talked to Danny , real nice and said to start a labor claim with Mark Pedecky of the Gurnee IL.

Store . So I did that claim # 983941-01 . He call tonight and talked to claim dept . Told him only to offer 50% of labor .

He talked to Danny his boss at Corperate and he agreed to stick with claims dept So that is where I'm at with my TOTAL frustrations in the matter . If you need any receipts or dates I have . Mark did test new alt for the second time and it did fail . Thanks in advance Bradley for your time in this matter .

Kelly Bouma 33812 N.

Lake Shore Dr. Grayslake IL 60030 cell # 847 852-0948

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Funny you build muscle cars but not smart enough to use a multi meter and check how much the alternator is putting out after you install it.

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