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The store manager is as unprofessional as it comes. He towed my car knowingly that I had my wife and two small children with me...just absolutely heartless.

Here's what you should do if you car gets towed away by AutoZone or you're somehow unsatisfied with the service.

1) Call Ed Beltran (Autozone Los Angeles Area manager) 714-526-1313

His office assistant is Debbie Leon, a real nice lady.

2) If Ed doesn't take care of your problem, email his boss Bill.rhodes@autozone.com.

If that still doesn't work, then take your business somewhere else like another AutoZone or O'Reilly or Kragen.

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Manager.

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Yeah see previous post. There's DEFINITELY more to this story.

I used to work in retail, and there's no way someone would just call a tow truck to come haul your car away without some serious provocation. Some such reasons would include, being parked illegally such as in a firelane (because then the store can be assessed a fine) or parking in a loading/unloading zone and hindering store operation and then refusing to get the *** out of the way, violating company policy on their property and refusing to leave, leaving a broken down car in their lot for an unreasonable amount of time, or trying to live out of your car in their parking lot(WITNESSED THAT ONE PERSONALLY). Long story short, I would bet absolutely everything I own that you were doing something ***/illegal and you refused stop/leave, so you left them with no choice but have your car hauled away before you became even more of a legal/fiscal liability.

No store manager of any business has ever woken up in the morning and planned to have the car of one of their legitimate customers towed away while the owner and his family wasn't looking. That's just ***.


I disagree completely. Store manager today in Van Nuys Ca on victory blvd had my truck towed while I was in the store making a purchase


ok... why would anyone JUST tow your car away...

my guess is you are not telling the full story... a one line statement doesn't tell us what happened... were you parked in a handicapped space a fire lane??? other things can get you towed i guess what ever it was, the manager must have noticed something...

he must have a thousand things to do, besides tow your car *** nilly... so, come on....let's get the full story... if it is unwarranted, you night be able to get the surveillance from the time of the incident...

if they have cameras.... DISH YHE TRUTH....

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