Elk Grove, California

Most of these posts are correct. I worked for a company that was purchased by Autozone and after 17yrs, they fired me.

Their reasons were "loss of confidence" and in my termination papers they portrayed me as having been in an entry level position my whole career with them. I started as a repair data processor when I was hired and was writing scripts and java code, defining business requirements, business processes, software project requirements and performing their quarterly information indexing process and database updates/synchronizations, solo, at the time I was let go. I once caught a "computer error" that was depriving people of earned vacation time and was reprimanded for notifying other employees of the "error". I could write page after page of underhanded business practices directed at employees and customers.

Below a certain management level (and over a certain age), you have zero value to the company. In fact, I had attended management seminars by Autozone HR where the entire premise was "how to get more value from an employee without paying them more" where we "learned" to use worthless trinkets, certificates and "public recognition" to reward outstanding performers instead of bonuses or pay raises. I was reprimanded for suggesting that outstanding performance would be more commonplace if rewarded with something of value, like money. Year after year of record braking company earnings still never achieved our absurdly high annual ROI goals set by Autozone corporate and we were reprimanded with salary caps, pay scale reductions (pay cuts), elimination of bonus programs, hiring freezes and deep departmental budget cuts (lay-offs) and 80hr/week work loads for salaried people while AZ executives and board members rewarded themselves with millions in stock options and bonuses for the company's outstanding year after year performance.

It's as if no employee below corporate management level ever contributed to the company's profitability.

I think it would be great if everyone who hates working for Autozone just up and quit, all at once. If you like it, then stay and see if the company can survive with just those who like their jobs.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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