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I work for this company however not for much longer. My position is as a Parts Sales Manager fulltime. It took 2 years to get there. Now my experience hasn't been all bad however I have a spinless store manager who when faced with a problem will completely shut down. This is not a good leadership quality.

My problem with the company first alarmed me when I saw 2 employees getting axed on hypothetical hearsay. This alarmed me but didn't worry me until about 2 months ago when I was asked about a returned part that they could not find. Everyone knows who has worked for Autozone knows that after a part is returned it goes into a cage and then goes back on a truck where I assume other employees sort it out. The part I returned set a red flag with LP because I returned it and noticed I did it as undamaged the part was used so I went into the managers menu to alter the PCI to damaged. The only option given was to void the PCI so I did that and really thought nothing of it. I was asked about it later and I explained it to my DM. then over 3 weeks went by and finally LP and my DM came to talk with me into their little makeshift room. Now anyone knows if LP shows up your job is pretty much gone and to remain silent. So thats what I did. When I was asked to sign an agreement for an interview I replied "I am not comfortable signing something without fully understanding what I am being accused of." So I refused to sign it and now they put me on paid suspension because they could not move forward with the interview. I apologized and told them both I don't want to make their job any harder but I just simply can't sign it.

My store manager told me they will be looking at it and calling it a fraudulent return.

The really messed up thing is I told them the truth and furthermore I work with a sheriff at a garage on the weekends and to call my integrity into question is grounds for slander. Especially since they cannot prove the circumstances surrounding the return. Did I make a mistake and void a PCI? Yes I am only human. Did I do a fraudulent return? No the customer got his money back as he had requested. Will I talk to LP about any of this. Nope because thats how companies like this work. They try to give you enough rope to hang yourself. Never speak to LP they are not there to help you. The company is paying them to get evidence to fire you and possibly convict you.

Now the kicker in the whole situation. The Store Manager along with everyone else who worked there gave my wife a NON-Autozone employee money from somewhere not sure how they got the money to come in and do plano's, inventory and a load of other stuff they didn't want to do. The whole time promising her a job with the company and to look at this time more as a training period.

Am I gonna use this? You can bet your rear end I am. So many witnesses who are not in autozones back pocket including 3 sheriffs will testify this happened. By going after me the little LP guy and the DM are gonna end up costing this company loads because what they did was bypass federal and state labor laws, taxation laws and basic human rights laws. under the guise of my wife being a prospective employees. The real kicker is my wife has a mental disability so now they were violating ADA laws as well. I think I will tack on the slander suit into my wifes case just to make Autozone pay more. And if Autozone thinks they can intimidate their employees to not talk I am not relying on testimony of them I am relying on testimony from several customers she helped at various hours of the day when the store was full of employees thus any lie told by any autozone employee would be perjury and punishable under law with a fine and some jail time.

Would I have used this if they would have just left me alone to do my job? Probably not. But anger will force your hand when it comes to messing with the way you live and calling my integrity into question.

The deceit alone is enough reason not to work for this company and when faced with a problem the people who you thought were your friends will turn their backs on you. And if you work for this company you should be worried. No matter how long you've been there if the DM gets bored and decides you need to go then you will be gone and the other employees will help him do it.

I already know not only is the laws they bypassed a big no no they are also a crime and the people who allowed it to happen can and will be indited on several felonious charges. So thank you autozone for making me angry enough to come after you. I'll see you in court.

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