Jacksonville, North Carolina
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Update by user Sep 09, 2016

In a recorded conversation involving Regional Human Resource Director Gilbert Howell, he states Autozone has the right to "***" any employees computer at their discretion.

Update by user Jun 27, 2016

How could I forget. They also had employees working full time hours (40-50hrs) a week, but not offer full time benefits.

They would mark the employees as part time, and have them change regulary which departments to clock in under (hub, commercial, DIY). I am sure that violates federal regulations somewhere.

Update by user Apr 03, 2016

After the sexual assault, several managers involved have been promoted and transfered. Several people involved in the cover up, have also been given (or offered) big promotions.

Update by user Dec 14, 2015

Other notes: Store Manager Ed Carlton uses District Manager's Password at his discretion. (witnessed many times).

District Manager Ken Geer, allows his managers to physically acost employees and turns a blind eye.

Regional Manager Gilbert Howell, not only violates company policy, (see attached video), but also violates federal law by disclosing employees medical records (Hippa Laws)

Original review posted by user Nov 16, 2015

Read the text in this video


Store 0439 223 Western Blvd.

In addition to harrassment noted. It was also witnessed that the store will fraud it's customers.

When a customer came in with a valid warranty on a bad battery, and the employee followed procedures in order to satisfy the customer, the store mananger (Ed Carlton) approached the employee and said.

"Get the *** of my registers, it is your job to put money in my tills and not give S#!# away".

Other previous employees have stepped forth and stated similar incidents of harrassment by this store mananger.

If in Jacksonville NC, shop at the Midway Park location, as managers there are fair, but avoid the Hub Store at all costs.

Reason of review: Bad manangement.

Preferred solution: Compensation for harrament.

AutoZone Cons: Upper manangement.

  • Human resources
  • Consumer Fraud
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