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I was traveling to FL from OH with my family when my van broke down in SC. I had replaced the ECM about 6 months ago on my GMC Savanna and apparently it went bad.

I went into the local Autozone and ordered a new one on Thursday December 22, 2011. I was told that my part would be overnighted and I would receive it by 3pm on Friday December 23, 2011. Well I stopped into the store that morning and spoke to someone and they assured me that the part would be there and they would call me as soon as it arrived. When 3 pm rolled around and I hadn't heard anything I went back into the store and inquired as to where it was.

The associate checked the computer and told me due to a mistake that the part had been cancelled and it would be there the next day by 3pm. Not able to wait around anymore for we were already going to miss the Christmas party we were going to FL for we went to the airport and rented a car. Good thing we did because Autozone didn't get our part in until Wednesday December 28th, almost a week later for an "overnight shipment". We had to fork out so much money because of Autozone.

We had hotel rooms in Orlando that couldn't be cancelled and rooms in Hilton Head we had to stay at and a last minute car rental we had to rent. Autozone's response was, "we are sorry". Really?? That's it??

I will tell you that I am the one that is sorry for putting my trust in Autozone!! So very disappointed!!

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Autozone sucks bad they hire ppl who dont give a you no what


The automotive belts do not hold up in everyday use. They are basically 3,000 mile wonders.

After that, the belt will stretch past its usefulness and start to squeal or come apart on you. This can cause costly repairs if someone is not watching their belts carefully. I tried to return their Duralast belt and the management said it was past it's one year warranty. I advised them not to buy these belts for their cars and they had to agree they would not want them on their automobiles.

Autozone belts are no good and their hose clamps will round off and not tighten down on hoses. Their automotive belts and hose clamps are inferior quality and you will be sorry if you purchase them from Autozone.


I've had a similar issue with ordering a PCM/ECM. Ordered online payed express 1 day shipping.

Well a week later still nothing called auto zone and they called vender. Well they had to repair a core because they didn't have any in stock. Just started a week after I ordered.

When ordered online didn't say anything about them not having it or it was going to take 2 weeks. Lesson learned call next time or even better don't buy from Autozone.


not trying to defend the company or anything but you broke down in another state and instead of going to the dealership when your part didnt come in , you decided that losing out on so much more money and then crying about it was the right way to go? dude if my car breaks down and part doesnt come in which is a miracle for free overnight.

i find a solution. its called not being a ***.


Unfortunatezoner using names to call people for bad service from a company that dropped the ball .You need to go back to smelling you're armpits and burning down you're neighbors mobile homes because you don't like how they look.Yeehaw!!!!!


all dealers do is over charge ..and any body that takes there car to them sounds like the dumass


I agree. Wanted to charge me $500 to change a $12 thermostat. I took 30 minutes out of my life and did it myself.


To be fair, they would have spent about 5x more on just the part from the dealership than waiting and spending the money they would have.


I must say that Autozone has gotten really, really bad. It seems like every time I go in to one of the local stores it is a complete waste of time.

Recently, I went in to a store and was immediately greeted with "Buenos Dias", which is fine I guess, but I addressed the counter person in English and he could not understand me. As for parts, I was looking for hard line fuel tubing and they did not know what I was talking about. I restore cars as a hobby and need miscellaneous parts, but none of the employees are able to grasp that what I need is not for specific car. I have gone in looking for fuel hose / tubing, radiator caps, fluid elbows, etc.

You name it; they don't have it. What happened to when you could go into a parts store and get actual car parts, and non-specifc items. And, why do I have to buy twenty of everything when I only need one? And, there Autozone Card is a joke.

Now, I just order stuff online, because all the major Autoparts retailers seem to have forgotten about cars, or how to hire people who know about cars. Autozone really isn't exceptional.

Pepgirls and O'Reilly are just as bad.


a lot of this BS started when some wise *** started by blurring the line between auto parts sales and technical service.. just because i want to sell parts doesn't mean i want to or qualified to install batteries or do diagnostics.

parts people are sales people and don't have to know thing one about a car to sell you what you ask for. back in the day people gravitated to this industry because they had been a professional or am mature wrench turner and got out for health or other issues and this was the next logical career choice.or got hired and stuck it out to learn about the auto parts industry and not every part that's needed can be looked up in a book or computer. some is just fabrication. i was an asst manager for this company for five years and been in the industry for twenty and the micro managed *** that these big box stores have made this industry is why you went thru what you went thru .

no one will stay here long enough or have an incentive to with the hi pressure sales where if an individual does not meet his or her goal they get cut hours write ups and termination.the result is revolving door employment where employees bide there time until they get a better opportunity or go to a smaller off the grid operation or a dealership where its more laid back and you have something of a sense of job security if you just come to work and try to do the job as best you can. as for the quantity of items they sell or try to sell you its to increase the ticket average. the more you sell the more the company makes not the employee.

not like selling a used car where the salesman gets a commission. advance auto is the same that's why when you surf the web people that know recommend places like Napa or car quest more or online



Autozone parts are almost exclusively shipped via Fedex, I believe because both companies are based in Memphis and probably have some sort of deal together. And your pcm was not coming from the "AutoZone warehouse." It was coming from a third party manufacturer, probably Cardone or something if I had to guess, check your receipt, it will say "VDP" on it which stands for vendor direct product, not autozone direct product.

Not to mention,(surprise!) shipping something 3 days before christmas almost guarantees delays. And of course all they could say is "sorry." What did you want them to do? Whittle you a new programmed and flashed PCM out of some brake pads?

You were the victim of a terribly unfortunate set of circumstances, namely needing an obscure car part that needs to be individually programmed for your specific vehicle 3 days before Christmas. It had nothing to do with AutoZone.


Auto Zone did all they could to get you a part by next day delivery from the manufacturer. It was the Christmas holiday and Auto Zone has no control over the manufacturer or FedEx.

Unfortunately, almost every business shut down on Dec 26 for the Sunday Christmas date. You can bet if Auto Zone's competitors had to order it from the manufacturer, it would have taken more than a couple days to get in.


It was not a mail mistake, it was an Autozone mistake. The part was cancelled at the warehouse and never shipped in the first place. If someone would have been doing their job correctly there wouldn't have been a problem.


Not coming from an Autozone warehouse. It was coming from the vendors warehouse not under Autozone's control.

AZ doesn't make the part or control they hours and shipping dept. of an outside vendor.


I guess the autozone postal service *** up. Wait no, the part was most likely shipped via Fed-Ex or UPS.

Accidents to happen and it is very unfortunate, but shipping is something that is out of Autozones hands. Its one thing if it is a hub transfer (store to store in the district), but vender parts are out of the Autozoner's hands.


Hawaiian Garden branch in LA of AZ has one employee who sucks alright. AZ needs to retrain him on customer relations and the company policy code of conduct in dealing with customers.

He is full of *** Doesn't belong in the store business because his parents never taught him to be nice to customers. what a drag queen.


Here is a copy of a complaint letter I just wrote to AutoZone. Do not go to Autozone for parts.

"I recently went to my local AutoZone store to exchange a defective alternator that had visible signs of malfunction and was told that it was fine. That is not what bothered me though, the general rudeness of the employee helping me is my biggest complaint. I felt belittled by him. I do most of my own mechanic work and am not new to the game, but he looked right at me and told me it was fine and refused to discuss it.

Not long ago, I went to the same store to buy shocks for my car. The same employee (Bill he said) was helping me (or rather not helping me) this time as well. I told him what I was looking for and he just looked at me and told me that it didn't exist... it would have to be made custom.

So, I went down the road to O'Reilly Auto Parts and they had them in the back in stock. I do not appreciate the way this employee treats customers and hopefully this not the treat for all of your customer service.

The store I went to was on Delhi Pike, zip 45238. Just thought someone should be aware of this."

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