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Well I work at autozone, and I think it sucks it's *** pay for the work that comes along with this job. I am a manager at a undisclosed location! I agree with who ever above wrote the statement about being written up and punished for basically everything. But I would like to express a few things first.


2. People think because we sell parts we are able to wham fix and diagnose your rattle that's coming from you glove box.

3. I am ASE certified in parts but not some slum *** bag that has to slave away at your demands. People who come in are rude as *** to autozone employees. That is why you probably got treated like *** you get respect when it is given.

4. We read off a screen when ordering parts, we have ZERO control if you don't get a part on time.

5. Reason why most people have to come back in multiple trips is because A. You don't want to take the autozoners advice and make it a complete job and buy everything you need in one shot. B. Your knowledge is farrrrrrrr greater than the 18 year old kid working and reading off a screen designed to help YOU the consumer.

6. My complaint is that the regional managers only care about they're bonus and could give a *** about what goes on at the store level unless they are not making quota.

All in all autozone has it's ups and downs, it's not the best but the " service " you can get hopefully and advice and help is usually cheaper than going to a dealership or mechanic to get it fixed but then again no one has a weapon forcing you to go, the consumer makes that choice not the employee. Don't get me wrong I have witnessed people at my work say the complexity wrong thing to a customer and let them walk out but people learn and get better and that's what makes America great. Have a good day I just wanted to drop a little knowledge on you folks.

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I think it's amazing that the "grey shirt" employee making this comment still has no idea how to handle a customer. Yes, AutoZone does, in fact, expect each and every employee to "WOW" the customer.

This is part of a successful marketing technique to completely take care of each and every customer. Each and every store manager has the responsibility to successfully train each new employee that comes on board with the company, or at least, assign the new employee to work with a qualified person to actually train you to become exactly the "sales person" this company strives to have in each and every store. But here is where the problem arises... Many (not all) Store Managers have very little experience training their employees.

Some (sadly) do not even have the authority to hire qualified people to work for them. This authority is given to the District Manager, who in all honesty, are EXCELLENT salespeople. Why? Because even though there may be an issue (employee or customer), the DM is required to "smooth" the problem out using the selling techniques the company insist upon.

There is no moral code or right and wrong... the DM is trained to make sure the products are sold and the customer is satisfied with the sale. This is the whole meaning behind WITTDTJR... basically, doing the job right and making sure the "Customer" (not the employee) is taken care of, regardless of the situation.

If you want to work for a company that "cares" for it's employees, this is not the company to work for. This company is solely based on SALES, Customer Satisfaction, and Profits. The company will go as far as giving you a $100 bonus if you (the employee) can submit a story stating how you went the "Extra Mile" to satisfy a customer, but the story must be "picked" as "outstanding" from the total pool of submissions sent in each qualifying period. Basically, prove the sale of an item and make up a dramatic story of your experience helping a customer and submit.

Yes, you don't even need a manager to verify the experience, and if picked, it's an easy $100 added to your pay (which gets taxed, of course). Unfortunately, having worked for this company, the time and aggravation from the upper management is not worth the minimal pay this company will give qualified employees. The ENTIRE idea behind the scenes, as it were, is to simply make the sale so the company can profit and pay the shareholders their dividends. So, as a consumer, this is the BEST place to shop for parts, but because of the disgruntled or poorly trained employees, the worst place to expect Great Customer Service (on average).

There truly are some great people that work for this company, don't get me wrong, but most are people going through the motions to make a sale so they aren't reprimanded by another employee for lacking the motivation to push a product the employee may or may not even know anything about. This is known as the COC (check out challenge), as a customer you are usually asked if you have an interest in purchasing a specific product when you pay for the items you originally came into the store to purchase. This is a contest amongst all the stores in particular district to "out sell" each store, basically to sell any given product during a specific time period. This product may, or may not, be something useful to each consumer that walks into the store.

This is where the employee must take the initiative to learn about the product on their own time in order to give the customer a reason to make the additional purchase. Training is something that is learned, through trial and error, and if enough errors are made, more than likely, you are soon dismissed from your position.

I know of several managers that have never worked on a vehicle in their life and yet still maintain their job because they know how to sell product. It's probably that way in many companies, sales make the employee valuable to the company, call it company greed, because it's not what you actually know about the customer or vehicle, it's what you can sell to the consumer each and every time they walk into the door.

For the record, AutoZone does offer "some" good benefits, but in the time I worked for them, the employee is given a "shiny piece of metal" for being employed.

In other words, the benefits do not out weigh the lack of the company's treatment of it's employees. As a job to sustain a living, you need to have a supplemental income outside this company, or be ready to deal with the corporate politics as a store manager and work long hours in order to keep up with the demands of inventory, employee recruitment, scheduling, and sales in order to maintain a feasible income. For most of the employees, minimum wage is most likely your starting wage, as it saves the company money for payroll to cover bonuses issued to Upper Management and to show a profit to shareholders.

Somewhere along the time this company started and where it's currently headed, the idea to actually care for the employee was lost to the idea that the money saved paying an employee to stay and care about their job makes them more money, essentially greed.

In my opinion, much like the opinion of others, is that if an employee is happy (paid well and treated like a valuable asset) they will produce the sales the company needs to profit and are more likely to invest their time and efforts into going the "extra mile" to make sure the customers will be taken care of properly and will continue as a repeat customer for years to come. But until this company comes to this realization, the employee turn-over will continue to increase and customers will continue to be displeased with the service they need as a reason to continue their patronage.

I don't know about you, but as a consumer of Auto Parts, I choose to deal with people in a Parts Store that actually know the parts (function and looks). Sorry to say, most of them do not work at AutoZone for the simple fact there is no reason to lower their standards or knowledge in order to make a meager living, when other companies are willing to invest in their skills.

Obviously the reason for our lack of interest in this company, short of the "cheaper" cost of some of the items we need on our personal vehicles.

Unless things have changed in this company since my departure, I'm sure each member of upper management would "obviously" have a differing opinion on the issues stated in this memo. But needless to say, and as much as I hate to say it, AutoZone really needs to step up to the plate and change their policies on the treatment (pay and training) of their current and future employees. As always, please feel free to voice your opinions on this issue also.

And remember, this is in no way a reason to stop your patronage with AutoZone, as there are certain employees that will make sure your automotive needs are correctly addressed and will go the "extra mile" to make sure your visit is an enjoyable experience. Also, if you do have a positive response about your shopping experience with AutoZone, please let them know... everyone enjoys knowing they did something right to help you!! A company has no reason to change anything as long as the profits continue.

But as a consumer, we have an obligation to let companies know what it takes to win our business. Next time you shop, call the toll-free number on the receipt or visit the website and voice your issues - good or bad.

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