Shreveport, Louisiana
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I was in a AutoZone in Shreveport Louisiana tonite, only a couple customers there. The worker's had rap music which I already hate but the words (my ***) were in almost every sentence.

I was heavily offended by this and will never use AutoZone again even if theres no1 else. music? Fine, but that *** shouldn't be blasting through the store at any time. They lost a customer for life tonight.

Its an all black crew so there ya go. But, not the only reason for stopping my patronage, couldn't get waited on numerous times and its bad when they don't know what a part is. I even had to find it on the computer for this young guy. Apparently no training or mechanical background whatsoever.

So this is what its come to. I've known guys that knew what you needed and not even have to look it up and even knew the number of the parts. Thats who I'd be hiring. Someone that knows cars.

Oh well AutoZone, your loss, I buy alot of parts. Oriellys here I come and its just across the street.

Good thing I don't sue your *** for affending me with nasty rap. Or will I?

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Are you really that shallow?

Offended by music ?

Grow a pair you racist.... I am sure they are playing Hank Jr somewhere that you can buy parts and complain about the people who work at Autozone


Right. I'm sure they didn't lose any sleep over losing him as a customer.

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