Mooresville, North Carolina
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Same thing with autozone in mooresville...employee stated it was a liability for them to install my headlight. I was in work clothes or would have done it myself but traveling for work at night.

Thanks autozone for pitiful excuses

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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It is a problem with AutoZone installing bulbs because if the housing breaks or there is a special way or special tools needed to install and they do not have them , they the employee will be held accountable even if the manager tells them to do it or else. A lot of these cars have special clips , screws, housings etc.

Buy the part and take it to a certified tech for install.

By the way I am a mechanic/ tech and would not trust them anyway . Most not all of the people who work for AutoZone cannot even change the air filter in their own car.


so if the employee scratches the paint on your car, damages something or whatever you then turn around and sue the poorly paid employee for something that you can do yourself, or shell out some backs and have a garage install it for them. This is not the good ole days when everyone appreciated free help or service. DO IT Yourself!!

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