Berkley, Massachusetts
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It seems that your sales people care more about phone calls than actual paying customers. To leave 4 people in line while they talk on the phone is ridiculous.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Don't blame them, blame corporate. When a phone rings, the employee has to answer the phone within 3 rings regardless if they're helping a customer.

If they don't help the customer on the phone immediately then they'll get in trouble. AutoZone is always understaffed (a total of up to 3 working at a time, except truck days when they stock the store) making the employees stressed during busy times.

You can find stores where there are customers waiting to be helped with the phones constantly ringing. Some customers in-store wants an employee to change a battery or do a diagnostics on their car.

Now each customer behind that person has to wait for an employee to change a battery which can take up to 30 minutes depending on the person replacing it. On top of that, AutoZone employees aren't required to replace batteries or do other courtesy services and when they refuse, customers get irate because they can't get a free service that they feel like they're entitled to.

If you ever complain about AutoZone, don't complain about the employees, complain about corporate not running their stores efficiently in a demanding market.


Just remember, when standing in line at a retail store, that YOU can see when the store is busy. The person at home cannot.

They will buy the parts from the place that answers the phone, and doesn't put them on hold for 15 minutes.

If a store is getting too high of call volume, the customer needs to complain up the chain to get more bodies in that store. Customer service is #1.


It's a policy to answer the phone first. The employees get tested on these calls because sometimes who ever is calling is someone in the higher ups from the company and they test their employees to see if you are actually helping the customer correctly or not. If you let the phone ring without picking it up, someone will get in trouble.


yes that is correct what they did . This is for you people that don't the standers in the auto parts industry .

It is not just AutoZone it is how it goes . We the customers at the store are already there so we are suppose to wait . It's the phone customer that takes is not there that they need to try and get into the store that comes first . Like I said that is the correct procedure they followed .

If we are in such a hurry to not understand that then maybe we need to shop for auto parts when we have enough time to shop . So don't blame AutoZone blame the auto parts industry that has that rule .

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