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Ok listen I had gotten some high priced spark plugs for my 1997- Chevy - Tahoe 5.7 Eng, that was when I bought it last month ok then I went out of town yesterday in it and on my way back the truck started filing out so I got back home in it and I went up to the Auto Zone nere me and they told me that they didn't warranty spark plugs but it's ok for them to charge me about $ 50 for 8- of them. So all I could do was get 4 of them and that was 21 dollars and something but that's not the half of things so after I changed 4 it was still acting up so I went and got some cheap Auto lite plugs 4 so i asked the guy at the store in Norcross GA.

Just what was the Gap setting. And he looked it up on the computer and wrote it down and said that it was 0.40 but when I started it up today it was still running crazy so I called up to the Auto Zone up the street from me and had him to punch up the setting for me again so he said that it was 0.60 for the plugs that goes in my truck so I called back to the Norcross store and had uh lady to punch it up in their computer and she said that it was 0.60 so by him given me the wrong number it made my truck really waist uh lot of Gas.

And that's really not cool at all and by the way this is JR. Calling from Decatur GA.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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